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Justice and hope for the forgotten
10 May 2007
Street children in Durban
© Paul Weinberg

Amos Trust promoting human rights and nurturing local responses to situations of injustice

Promoting justice

Established around the work of Garth Hewitt in 1985, Amos Trust promotes justice and hope for forgotten communities. Amos works with a network of community projects from around the world to raise awareness of, and provide support to responses that address the route causes of injustice and poverty. As we have made links with partners across the developing world, we have learnt from them, been inspired by them and have tried to respond practically by providing the support they need.

Our close and long-standing relationship with our partners allows us to have an in depth understanding of the issues they face and of the numerous barriers they have to overcome to provide hope for their communities. Their experiences, knowledge and understanding has created a theology and spirituality which underpins all our work and is caught in the music, writing and resources produced by Amos Trust.

Amos works with a wide cross section of organizations and individuals in the UK, playing a key role in raising awareness of the issues, developing campaigns and in lobbying for change.

Providing hope

We seek to provide our partner projects with the practical and financial support they need. Together they form a global network of highly innovative community projects. These projects include work with street children in South Africa, promotion of human rights and sustainable communities for Dalits in rural India, community development and education provision in Nicaragua and working toward peace and reconciliation in Palestine and Israel.

Making connections

We aim to be friendly, flexible and creative with a commitment to relationships being at the heart of our work. We are committed to increasing links between our supporters and our partners, arranging regular supporter visits to partner projects and bringing our partners over for speaking engagements in the UK.

It is the fund raising, commitment and prayers of Amos supporters that makes our activities possible. We hope that we provide our supporters with a practical way of getting involved and together witness to the love, justice and compassion of God.


Emergency Appeal for Gaza

Support our partners in Gaza, Al-Ahli Hospital & NECC Youth Training.

Looking for our new website? It's coming

Our new website is in the process of being finished. We hope to launch on 1st September 2014. In the meantime, click the link above to visit news section for info on Amos Day, Marwan & Gilberto's Autumn UK tours, our Experience Nicaragua trip, other events and links.

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