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Nicaragua - where we learn
Home in the Matagalpa Hills
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Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in the Western hemisphere with over 45% of its population living on less than $1 a day. During the civil war in the 1980s, the world's superpowers used Nicaragua as a pawn in their battles, resulting in political upheaval, unfair trade agreements, and widespread poverty in a country too poor to provide healthcare and education for it's people.

Nicaragua is a very beautiful country of volcanoes and rain forest inspiring a culture of art and poetry, however the country struggles due to natural disaster, climate change and the effects of deforestation.

Amos has three partners in Nicaragua:

CEPAD (which in Spanish stands for the Council of Protestant Churches) trains and equips local people with the practical skills needed to run essential community development projects to enable their whole community to rise up out of poverty. Projects include community banks, live stock share schemes and farming cooperatives which are set up to not only enable individuals to sell what they grow, but also teach everyone new agriculture techniques to counter soil erosion caused by global warming.

"We walk with a community until a community finds that it has the skills needed to walk without us, and the people can claim the rights they did not know existed." Revd. Dr Gustavo Parajon, founder of CEPAD.

Through CEPAD Amos Trust also supports the Avocado Tree School in the community of La Concepcion, where until the school was set up only 50% of children in the town had access to education and over 85% of the population unemployed. The school is central to the community escaping ongoing poverty into the future.

Amos Health and Hope trains local people from rural communities as health promotion workers. Simple measures such as chlorinating the water and teaching the importance of hand washing and chlorinating the water supply can halt the spread of communicable diseases in the rural areas, saving children's lives and helping the community to thrive.

Prestanic Microcredit provides small loans to enable people, particularly women to set up their own business to support themselves and their families. one of the most successful initiatives Prestanic runs is providing loans for women to buy chickens. The women then pass on their poultry farming knowledge - as well as their chicks - to others in their local community, so the loan has a greater long term impact for the whole community.

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