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Supporting local peacemakers in their vision of peace and justice for all
Chris Rose 
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Our question to our brothers and sisters in the churches today is - are you able to help us get our freedom back?"

- from The Kairos Document, a call to action from church leaders in Palestine.

It is a crucial time to be supporting the local Christian church and peacemakers in Palestine and Israel. For the past 20 years Amos has partnered Christian, Jewish and Muslim peace groups in Israel and Palestine.  We endeavour to hear their stories, stand alongside them in their suffering and support their work.

We seek to raise awareness of the impact on the lives of ordinary Palestinian people caused by the occupation, the restrictions on people's freedom, the horror of illegal home demolitions and the building of the separation wall.

We support and partner the following organisations:

Wi’am Conflict Resolution Centre is a Christian project based in Bethlehem which is helping to bring reconciliation to the Palestinian community. The occupation and lack of freedoms increases family and community breakdowns. Wi’am means ‘cordial relationships’ in Arabic and Wi'am believes that "helping people resolve their personal conflicts helps to preserve Palestinian society and people’s faith in non-violent possibilities’. Wi'am runs counselling and reconciliation services for all ages, as well as groups for young people, children, older people and women.

In the Gaza Strip, Amos Trust supports the work of the Al-Ahli Hospital. it was set up by the local Anglican church and treats 41,000 outpatients and 4,700 inpatients every year. Care is provided regardless of faith or background.  Restrictions on movement and imports to the Gaza Strip mean that the hospital is often without basic medicines, medical supplies or electricity.

The Holy Land Trust runs community outreach programmes in Bethlehem and the surrounding area to strengthen communities in the face of adversity. It runs workshops for local leaders, young people and community groups and produces resources promoting non-violent resistance. 

Israeli Committee Against House Demolition UK - ICAHD UK campaigns in the UK and EU against the illegal demolition of homes in the West Bank by the Israeli authority. We work with ICAHD UK to raise awareness of home demolitions and encourage UK and EU citizens to take action to stop this illegal action. 

Amos Trust runs annual Alternative Pilgrimages to the Holy Land, so supporters can see the situation first hand and meet our partners. Click here for more information.

To support Amos Trust's partners in Palestine and Israel, click here to make a donation.

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