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Under the Influence

Under the Influence - The Garth Hewitt Songbook Volume 1 is special album of songs written by Garth Hewitt, recorded by artists from around the world. The album was created as to mark the 25th anniversary of Amos Trust.

Beki Bateson, chair of trustees for Amos Trust coordinated this surprise project with supporter Harvey Jessop.

Beki says "In 2010 Amos Trust celebrated 25 years of commitment to justice and hope for the forgotten, alongside 40 years of its director Garth Hewitt as an ordained priest.  At the heart of Amos has been Garth's music and at the heart of his music has been a theology shaped and inspired by the many people he has met and listened to across the world throughout his ministry." 

Each artist generously gave their time to create a fresh version of the Amos message through their take on Garth's music. Songs and artists featured include:

Man in Chains (Born Free) - Paul Pilot
Dance on Injustice - Stu G
May you live to dance (on your own grave) - The Joy Brigade
Oh Palestine - Reem Kelani
When Johnny Cash (Sang Man in Black) - Martyn Joseph
Under the Influence - Paul Field
Nero's watching Video - Croft Road Sound Club
10 Measures of Beauty (Pray for the Peace) - Fuad Dagher
Lay it Down - Bell Jar

Sir Cliff Richard says about 'Under the Influence': "Garth is unique amongst Christian singers.  For forty years his music and ministry have fearlessly focused on issues of injustice and poverty, and have challenged and influenced a generation.  It has been my privilege to share a stage and a recording studio with this exceptional, gifted and devoted servant of God."


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