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Amos Travel
Chris Rose 
Flight over Nicaragua
© Wilf Whitty

‘To meet the people involved; to hear their stories; to hear of their hopes and fears and to see the difference Amos’ partners make is such a privilege.’

Nothing compares with a personal visit. Amos seeks to take people to visit each of our partner projects.

It is a chance to meet and spend time with the people involved and experience something of the situation they face each day. To gain an understanding of the issues behind the headlines and see what life is like on the ground.

For forthcoming trips click on the countries listed below


South Africa


Israel/Palestine - please click through to this page for links to paypal to make payment for our 2014 Autumn Alternative Pilgrimage.


Phone line problems at the Amos office

Tuesday 14 April - We have got problems with our phones (again! Thanks BT). If you need to get in touch, send an email via our contact page by clicking above.

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