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It's very simple – we're asking for full equal rights for everybody who calls Israel/Palestine home. Just Walk to Jerusalem is a bold initiative to mark the centenary of the Balfour Declaration and 50 years of military occupation of the Palestinian Territories.


Just Walk-A-Day

We're really looking forward to having people join Just Walk and walk with us for a day.

Start/Finish times and locations for outside the UK
A little nearer the time, we will send you:

  • contact details for the walk leaders
  • further information as to where you can find exact routes and timings
  • in-depth daily routes, indicative start times and locations
  • anticipated finish times and locations.

Stage Fourteen: 

Saturday 23rd September – Sunday 22nd October

Thessaloniki to Istanbul:

We will seek to update everyone with any changes regularly but the final start times and location for each day will be posted the night before, so please contact the walk leader to confirm that you will be there the next day. If you are delayed, please inform the walk leader, and they will try to organise an alternative rendezvous point.

What to bring?
You will need to bring:

  • The basics
    Your own food, water, directions/maps, waterproof clothing and personal general First Aid supplies (blister plasters etc)

  • Transport
    You will need to arrange your own transport at the start and end of the day's walk

  • Accommodation
    Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer any assistance if you need to secure accommodation

  • Walking speed
    Each day will have a variety of walking speeds so if you are struggling to keep up, then we will seek to adjust the speeds accordingly – however, the onus is on the person joining to at least match the slowest walker

  • Assistance
    if you are facing difficulties on the day's walk, we will provide as much assistance as we can but please bear in mind that this will be limited.

We hope you'll be able to join us to walk-a-day. If you have any questions at all, please email us at


there are four things you can do to support the just walk to jerusalem

If you're not able to join us on the Just Walk itself, don't worry – there are still ways that you can get involved and support those that are.

Turn It Up

We need you to help us Turn It Up – to crank up the volume of the Just Walk campaign, to make sure that Palestinian rights aren't forgotten.

Read more

Just Drive

We need drivers for our Just walk to Jerusalem support vehicle. You'll have a crucial role to play and will be central to the success of the walk.

Read more

Just Organise

You may be walking for a week, a month or the whole walk, whatever you're doing, we need you to get involved and Turn It Up.

Read more

Just Give

We need your support as we begin to Turn it up! There are five simple ways you can show your support to Just Walk to Jerusalem.

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