Standing in Solidarity

Amos Trust has been heavily invested in a string of advocacy campaigns since its creation 30 years ago.

Our current focus is on promoting the need for a just peace for Palestine and full rights for all those, whether Palestinian or Israeli, who call the historic land of Palestine home.

We seek to:
• raise awareness of the situation that Palestinians face today and the breaches of international law and international human rights 

• educate people on why this is the case; on the way in which the Bible has been misused to justify this; on the role that the UK and international community has played, and continues to play, in supporting this situation and on why it is so important to achieve a just, long-term resolution, not only for Palestinians and Israelis but for the whole Middle East 

• invite people to join campaign activities to: 
 – challenge the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, 
 – end the blockade of Gaza
 – challenge the continued expansion of settlement building,
 – end our government’s refusal to implement international law.

We seek to achieve these by:
• encouraging people to visit Palestine and Israel, to meet the people and to see the situation for themselves

• producing education materials (films, books, music and other resources)

• supporting the development of creative, non-violent responses in the UK and Palestine

• our involvement in joint initiatives, such as Palestinian Solidarity Campaign and Kairos Britain.

challenging injustice, building hope & creating change

Amos Trust supports campaigns that target the Israeli occupation of Palestine with the aim of helping to create a just peace and equal rights for Palestinians and Israelis.

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