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On Her Terms: Giving girls who have never had a first chance, a second. A feeling of ownership is a powerful thing — not something often experienced by girls around the world, and especially not by girls living on the streets.

Either they feel owned — or they feel like they don't own anything, be that the choices made about their own lives, or possessions, or their own body.

Whether they are on the streets or not, girls have the right to their own choices, their own bodies, and their own futures.

In families and communities, girls lack ownership over how they spend their childhood — often engaged in domestic labour more than boys, often denied the right to go to school, or to have their opinions respected.

Situations of physical and sexual abuse often arise out of the belief that a girl’s body is not her own, and that others have the right to take or use her body against her will. On the street, her gender combined with her need to survive means that a girl has even less ownership over her situation, decisions or life.

Even within the work that we carry out with girls and young women on the streets, decisions are often made without the involvement of the girls themselves  it may feel like their realities are too chaotic, their choices may be unpredictable and they are too ‘difficult’ to involve or consult. But this is not a sustainable way forward.

The reasons why teenage girls on the streets often ‘vote with their feet’ and do not continue to engage with support offered is because they can see that their choices or perspectives are not being prioritised and that workers perhaps judge them, or believe that they know better.

On Her Terms prompts us to take a different approach to work with girls  one in which the girls themselves ‘own’ this work, as much as they own their own bodies, and their own futures. It reminds us of her centrality in all decisions, plans, designs, and hopes  to avoid generalising, making assumptions, or not involving her at all.

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Run Without Fear 

Our new short film:
To launch the campaign, we invited four young women from our partner Cheka Sana Foundation in Tanzania, to join us in running the first Zanzibar Half Marathon for gender equality. This is their story.

Amos Trust's 'On Her Terms' campaign will:

­bring 20 women workers to the UK 
to find their voice and share what they have learned 

  • pass on their learning to those who want to set up new projects

create an online platform so they can continue to learn from each other and strengthen their work

find ways for the girls who benefit from these projects to shape their futures.

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