Amos Road Club Rides Palestine 2020

Saturday 7th — Saturday 14th November 2020
Solidarity begins on a bike. Freedom of movement is a right that Palestinians are denied. Following the success of the Amos Giro d’Italia protest ride in 2018 and our Tour of Palestine in 2019, we are running our third Ride Palestine trip in 2020. So grab your bike for an incredible ride.


Amos Road Club Rides Palestine
Saturday 7th — Saturday 14th November 2020

Solidarity begins on a bike.
Freedom of movement is a right that Palestinians are denied. Following the success of the Amos Giro d’Italia protest ride in 2018 and our Tour of Palestine in 2019, we are running our third Tour of Palestine trip in 2020. So grab your bike for an incredible ride.

This is not a normal cycling trip or tour — it’s an experience, an adventure that will shape, stretch and enrich your understanding of Palestine that you won’t come close to duplicating on a traditional cycling holiday. You’ll come away with so much more than photographs.

This journey will take you across the length and breadth of the West Bank; from busy towns to remote villages — through olive groves, agricultural land and sweeping hills down into the desert below sea level.

Cycling from destination to destination, you will get a real understanding of the physical and political geography of Palestine and a deep appreciation of the varied terrain and landscape that the country has to offer. You’ll ride on wide, sweeping roads through hills and valleys, along narrow Palestinian village tracks, through olive groves and rocky outcrops and take in some world class ascents and descents, including the breath-taking 11-mile ride down to Jericho and the Dead Sea.

You’ll also ride through bustling cities — including Nablus and Bethlehem, and have the opportunity to ride into the historic old city of Jerusalem and around the Mount of Olives. Along the tour you will see few, if any, cyclists and you’ll experience the warmth of the welcome from the people you meet — those we are stopping to visit and those who see us on the roads as we cycle past. 

This trip offers more than just a cycle tour through a stunning, historic landscape; each day our rides will take in visits to some of Amos partners and the communities that we support. This will give you a deep understanding of the daily experiences that Palestinians across the West Bank face everyday and the ways they are engaged in projects and activities that build hope and opportunity for the next generation in a difficult and challenging context.

Draft itinerary:

  • DAY ONE: Saturday 7th November
    London to Tel Aviv:
    Depart London for Tel Aviv. On arrival well transfer to Nazareth and visit the local churches and cake shops before rebuilding our bikes. Well stay in guest houses in the old city for 2 nights and have dinner at Liwan community project.

  • DAY TWO: Sunday 8th November
    Nazareth to Lake Galilee to Nazareth:
    Cycle to the shores of Lake Galilee, visit the churches at Capernaum on the banks of Galilee where Jesus is supposed to have done some of his most famous miracles, and then loop back round to Nazareth where we will again stay in local guest houses.

  • DAY THREE: Monday 9th November
    Nazareth to Burqin:
    We will cycle from Nazareth to Burqin — a small town near Jenin on the West Bank and either cycle through the Jordan Valley checkpoint or through the Jalemeen checkpoint — neither of which should pose any real difficulties. We will stay in home-stays in Burqin.

  • DAY FOUR: Tuesday 10th November
    Burqin to Nablus via Sebastia:
    We will cycle down to the Palestinian city of Nablus where we will walk through the souk, visit the herb shops, bath and soap factories and eat Kanafeh in the market and stay in a hotel just off the souk. We will pass through Sebastia on route which has extensive Roman and later period remains and was the site of Herod’s summer palace.

  • DAY FIVE: Wednesday 11th November
    Nablus to Nabi Saleh to Jericho:
    We will have lunch with local families and hear about the impact of the Separation Wall and the Occupation on their lives. We will then cycle across to Taybeh and visit the brewery and then head down to Jericho.

    This is a world-class 10-mile descent into the Jordan Valley where we drop down to 260m below sea level as we ride into Jericho — the oldest inhabited city in the world where we will stay in local guest houses.

  • DAY SIX: Thursday 12th November

    Jericho to Dead Sea, Beit Sahour to Hebron:
    With an early-morning optional climb back up to and out of the Jordan Valley (its a lovely climb if youre into that sort of thing), it’s then a short ride from Jericho to the Dead Sea for a float. We will then be picked up at the Dead Sea and driven to Beit Sahour for lunch (next to Bethlehem), and then cycle down the eastern road to Hebron where we will stay in a local guest house

  • DAY SEVEN: Friday 13th November
    Hebron to Bethlehem:
    We’ll take a walk around Hebron with a local guide and understand the impact of the settlers upon the Palestinian communities there before cycling to Bethlehem, either via the South Hebron Hills or Tent of Nations organic farm (TBC). We will stay at the Alrowwad Cultural Centre’s guest house (one of Amos’ partners), in Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem and take a walk from there to visit Banksy’s famous Walled Off Hotel.

  • DAY EIGHT: Saturday 14th November
    Palestine Marathon, Bethlehem:
    A wonderful celebration of life, you can take part in the full or ½ Palestine Marathon, the 10km or 5km run or simply watch everyone else run while having coffee and breakfast. We will then walk around the Old City and drive out to visit one of Amos’ home rebuild projects nearby organised with our partner Holy Land Trust after lunch. We will stay at the Alrowwad Cultural Centre guest house in Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem.

  • DAY NINE: Saturday 28th March
    Tel Aviv to London:
    After an early-morning ride into the Old City of Jerusalem, we’ll head back to Bethlehem to pack up our bikes and our gear. We will then transfer to the airport for our flight home.

A small group of cyclists riding through the West Bank in the sunshine.

Wait for me! While you will need to be fit, healthy and used to cycling long distances, we ride as a team — no one gets left behind.

Suggested kit list

Cycling equipment:

  • your bike: we would recommend a road or touring bike (or lightweight mountain bike)
  • replacement inner tubes (at least 4) and basic tools/repair kits
  • consider bringing spare brake pads, chain links and spokes
  • if you have plastic cleats on your shoes, please bring some spares
  • bike pumps and spanners (we will bring a pedal spanner and a track pump)
  • cycle helmet and 2 x water bottles (if they fit)
  • hydration and energy drinks/food as you require
  • cycling gloves and clothes suitable for spring weather (March can be variable and we may encounter some rainy days, so please bring wet weather gear and check the forecast as some people like to bring full-length cycling tights
  • it is perfectly acceptable for women to wear cycle shorts in Palestine although please also pack scarfs (sarong style), in your jersey pockets so you can cover your legs or heads if needed in local villages and places or worship
  • light-weight pair of trousers
  • first aid equipment that you need — we will have a group first aid kit in the vehicle at all times.

Other kit:

  • sunscreen
  • a hat as it can be very sunny — even in March
  • a travel towel, swim suit, swimming shorts/trunks for the Dead Sea
  • for the women, please avoid strappy tops and please bring a scarf to cover your head that can also act as a skirt.

There will be a virtual trip briefing which we will arrange in due course. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please email and please note that you will need to bring/organise your own bike!

Still interested? Then please register your interest now.


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