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Amos Home Rebuild trips are an opportunity to bring hope to a Palestinian family and community by helping them to rebuild their demolished home. We challenge the injustice of home demolitions, deepen our understanding of the situation and build deep and lasting relationships with the communities we become part of.

To date we have rebuilt three demolished homes in Palestine. These projects were funded entirely by donations from Amos Trust supporters covering the cost of building materials, with a team of 20+ Amos supporters volunteering to travel to Palestine to work as labourers during the build. These volunteers raised further funds to pay the wages of local, professional builders.

You will join a group of volunteers to be the manual labour working alongside skilled local builders and you will need to fundraise towards the rebuilding costs. There will be a programme of trips and meetings alongside the rebuild to visit holy and historic places and to meet with inspiring partners and peacemakers from all communities.

These projects are more than humanitarian support for the family whose home is being rebuilt. They are an act of solidarity and a protest against the injustice of home demolitions. By helping to rebuild, we are standing with the family, the local community and the people of Palestine saying that occupation, oppression and violence cannot win.

For more details about rebuilding Palestinian homes with Amos Trust, please email Amos Operations Manager Nive Hall.

In the meantime, to inspire you, please watch 'Rebuilding Home, Rebuilding Hope', our short film about Amos' Home Rebuild programme and how it literally changes people's lives. 

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