Walk The West Bank 2022

Monday 31st October – Friday 11th November
Register your interest now and join us in November 2022 for an incredible journey through Palestine.

Walk The West Bank 2022 
* Monday 31st October – Friday 11th November 2022

Amos continues its journey on foot across Palestine. An ideal trip for those who have previously walked the northern half of the Masar Ibrahim trail.

“This is such a unique opportunity that few people get and the normal tourist routes will not even scratch the surface of. This is the real Palestine.”
  • Dates:
    Monday 31st October – Friday 11th November 2022

  • Price:

  • Where:
    Bethlehem, Jericho, Hebron and the South Hebron Hills

  • Accommodation:
    Staying in hotels, home-stays and bedouin camps

  • Flying from:

  • Trip leaders:
    Local walking guides provided by Siraj and Amos’ highly experienced team and hosted by our partners Holy Land Trust

This trip is ideal for:

  • those who have already walked the Northern half of Masar Ibrahim trail
  • those who have travelled to Palestine/Israel with Amos Trust before
  • those who want to go deeper in their understanding of the situation and visit places not on the tourist routes
  • those who enjoy walking and are regular walkers.

Prices will be based on two people sharing, (although as at least one night will be in a Bedouin tent, it could be 10–12!). Single rooms may be available in some of the accommodation upon payment of a supplementary fee.

The Trip

Following the success of our original Just Walk To Jerusalem trip back in 2017, we walked the northern half of the Masar Ibrahim trail (now renamed as the Palestine Heritage Trail) the following year. Now we are looking to conclude the journey from Jericho down to Beit Mirsim.

We will start by walking down the Wadi Qelt to Jericho which is a truly breathtaking walk. Then, over the next two days, we will walk up through the wilderness to Bethlehem via Mar Sabar Monastery. We will stay with our partners at Alrowwad in Aida Camp and of course, visit Banksy’s Walled Off Hotel before leaving Bethlehem to head south to the prophet Amos’ birthplace at Tuqu.

From here we head out into the desert and stay at a Bedouin camp from where we can walk down and look out over the Dead Sea. We will stay in Bani Na’im before walking into Hebron, where we will meet partners and spend time in the Old City.
We will then head south and spend the next few days walking through the South Hebron Hills through rolling countryside while finding out more about the pressures these communities face before finishing in Beit Mirsim.

As part of this trip, we will not only meet local families and hear their stories but also spend time catching up with our partners Holy Land Trust, Wi’am and Alrowwad in Bethlehem, and HIRN in Hebron/the South Hebron Hills. We will also visit at least one of the home rebuilding projects that Amos has undertaken in recent years. To find out more about the trail, please visit https://phtrail.org 

What you need to know
Change The Record

Our Palestine travel programme is a vital part of our Change The Record campaign with its call for full equal rights for everyone who calls Palestine/Israel home. This trip will include time talking through some simple ways in which participants can respond to what they have experienced and we will provide opportunities for people to explore this further once they have returned home.


We are monitoring the rules and advice on international travel closely. Likewise, we need to make the trip itinerary and logistics as Covid-secure as possible.

You will need to confirm that you have been fully vaccinated before travelling with us and fulfil all necessary Covid testing requirements that are in effect at the time of this trip.

If the travel rules and advice in place between the UK and Israel/Palestine at the end of January 2022 are so restrictive as to make group travel unviable, (i.e. extended periods of quarantine on arrival or return, or we are advised not to travel), we will postpone the trip. We will offer all participants places on a rescheduled trip.

If international travel rules or advice changes, we will contact participants immediately to notify them of any changes that we have had to make.

Offsetting Emissions

Amos Trust is very conscious of the environmental impact of flying. We believe that the importance of our travel programme in promoting Palestinian rights warrants these flights, and we seek to ensure that we make the best possible use of them.

We offset the carbon burnt on our trips through a tree-planting programme with our Nicaraguan partners CEPAD, and offer all participants the chance to do the same. A return flight from London Heathrow to Ben Guirion airport in Tel Aviv emits approximately 1.2 tonnes of CO2. We calculate the full carbon compensation cost for this journey to be £30.

* The dates for this trip are subject to confirmation once flights can be confirmed with airlines. Flights normally become available 11 months before thee departure date. The departure and return dates may move forwards or backwards by one or two days depending on the availability of flights.
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Photography: © Amos Trust — Mark Kensett & Nick Welsh


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