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Marie Christina Kolo

“We are not pitiful people asking for international aid. We are also resilient. Climate change is not a concept; it's a reality.

Marie Christina Kolo, Madagascan climate activist.

Marie Christina Kolo is an eco-feminist and the founder of Green‘N’Kool, where she leads ecological initiatives and builds communities in rural areas of Madagascar.

Marie co-founded the Indian Ocean Climate Network in 2015, which promotes youth solutions tackling climate change and is in charge of advocacy for the network. In addition, Marie is also the coordinator of the national coalition on climate justice and gender in Madagascar that is currently working on gathering good practices on climate justice and gender.

You can follow Marie on Instagram at @mahery_loha

Climate Fellowship Cohort 2022/23

Climate change is a justice issue

Those who have the least political and economic power, and the least responsibility for the changing climate, are affected the most.


We partner with CEPAD in Nicaragua to empower seven communities in Teustepe with the skills, knowledge and community resilience required to address their own problems.

Once In A Lifetime

A short social-friendly snippet from Amos Trust’s Once In A Lifetime climate justice summit in Cambridge in September 2019 when we were joined by climate activists, thinkers and doers.


We support rural communities in Nicaragua through our partner CEPAD but we can’t do it without your help. Every penny goes to supporting those most affected by climate change.

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