Greenbelt Festival 2019

23–26 August — Boughton House, Kettering, Northants
Join us at Greenbelt 2019 where well be cooking up a storm in The Table and hosting Holy Land Trust Director and Amos friend, Sami Awad.

Greenbelt Festival 2019

Greenbelt Festival 2019
Wit & Wisdom — Boughton House, Kettering, Northants.

Look! Its Phoebe Rison from Sabeel-Kairos and The Olive Tree Kitchen searing (?) an aubergine in The Table, the new cooking demo tent at Greenbelt last summer. Phoebe is the advocacy officer at Sabeel-Kairos, focusing on BDS and Morally Responsible Investment and a director of Embrace the Middle East Trading Ltd.

Of Palestinian origin, Phoebe grew up helping her mother and grandmother in the kitchen and is a keen cook, running a food blog which promotes Palestinian food, culture and crafts.

Phoebe will be back at Greenbelt this August bank holiday weekend — cooking, telling stories, sharing some amazing recipes and trying to keep Chris away from the sharp knives. Please scroll down to see the full itinerary.

We’ll also be hosting our friend, Sami Awad (below). Sami is an internationally acclaimed speaker and Executive Director of Holy Land Trust, whose inspirational approach to peace-making is built upon creating new models of leadership, on promoting non-violent strategies and on bringing together Palestinian communities and their emerging young leaders.

Sami says, “We can’t wait for someone to come and liberate us or give us a state; we need to fight to achieve such things. The method we use is non-violence, because non-violence is not only a means of resistance, but of individual empowerment and thus the empowerment of society to take initiative.” 

Sami Awad, Director of Holy Land Trust in Bethlehem.

Peace: Sami Awad, Director of Holy Land Trust in Bethlehem will be joining us at Greenbelt 2019 — sharing stories of creative non-violent resistance in Palestine.

Sami is a descendent of a Palestinian refugee family that was expelled from their home in Jerusalem in 1948. He grew up in Bethlehem under the Israeli military occupation and from a young age took part in non-violent activism to end the occupation. He holds a BA degree in Political Science and a Masters in Peace and Conflict Resolution.

Below is the draft programme of all the Amos-related activities throughout the weekend. Venues and times are subject to change:


  • Cooking demo #1 with Phoebe Rison & Chris Rose
    Friday at 8pm in The Table
    Slicing, dicing and chatting about Palestinian food and culture — but mainly 60 mins. of Phoebe trying to keep Chris from cutting one of his fingers off.


  • Cooking demo #2 with Phoebe Rison & Chris Rose
    Saturday at 10am in The Table
    Phoebe will share more of her favourite recipes while talking about her family and why cooking, food and hospitality are so important to Palestinians.   

  • Sami Awad — Israel/Palestine: A Beginner’s Guide
    Saturday: The Foundry. Early evening — time to be confirmed.
    A beginner's guide to Israel/Palestine. This informal session will suit those who have travelled to the West Bank with Amos before, and those that are interested in visiting for the first time. 

    The Foundry is a new small venue with an intimate, cafe-style setting where top-notch Festival speakers will lead more interactive and small-scale conversations.


  • Sunday morning Communion
    Sunday at 10am The Glade Arena
    Sami will open and close the Sunday morning Communion Service.

  • Cooking demo #3 with Cafe Palestina
    Sunday at 12:30pm in The Table — straight after the Communion Service
    Our third cooking demo is with Cafe Palestina who are a community cafe and social enterprise based in Camden, North London along with members of the Amos Team.

  • The Big Amos Picnic
    Sunday at 13:45 at the Caravan Of Love 
    (Straight after Cafe Palestinas cooking demo).

    Join other Amos friends and supporters for an informal picnic at the Caravan of Love which is situated at the back of the Glade Arena. Buy yourself some lunch and bring it along and enjoy time meeting Amos friends. Sami, Phoebe and all the Amos Team will be there. If it’s wet, well make an alternative arrangement.

  • Sami Awad: Beyond the Two-Sate Solution
    Sunday early evening (venue/time TBC)
    A call for peace, justice and equality in the Holy Land. 
    While many are still engaged in fighting for the Two-State Solution, and others are obsessed with figuring out what Trump’s plan for Palestine actually means, the occupation of Palestinians continues and the suffering seems to have no end. So what’s next? Where are we going and what can each of us do to manifest a new vision of peace and justice in the Holy Land? 


  • Cooking demo #4 with Sami Awad and the Amos team
    Monday at 10am The Table
    Our final cooking demo of the weekend will be with Sami who will be preparing and talking about some of the Palestinian dishes that he loves and various members of the Amos team. Time allowing, there will an opportunity to open the session and take questions from the audience.

This year, The Table is situated close to the main Glade Arena.

The Caravan of Love – a 1950's vintage German Westfalia caravan.

Caravan of Love: Amos unofficial home at Greenbelt 2019 will be at the back of the Glade Arena all weekend.

For Festival tickets, please visit

Main photograph: Phoebe Rison from Sabeel-Kairos running a cooking demo with Amos in The Table at Greenbelt 2018.

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