Run The Wall 2024

Friday 1st – Saturday 2nd March
Home demolitions, illegal settlements, land confiscations, the illegal Separation Wall. These are daily realities for Palestinians. Join people around the world in running the Wall for Palestine.

Run The Wall 2024

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Stand in solidarity with Palestinians and join runners (and walkers and cyclists) from around the world.

On the 1st–2nd of March 2024, we want you to Run The Wall for Palestine.

  • Run The Wall... as an act of solidarity
  • Run The Wall... as a call for Palestinian rights
  • Run The Wall... to demand an end to Israel’s apartheid policies

“Things you’d love to see... people from all over the world running for the same cause! One day I’m sure we’ll be able to run in the streets of Palestine!” Karim Saad, UAE (2023)

Follow these simple steps

1. Run where you are

  • Run any distance you choose from 5km – 55km
  • Run the same weekend as 10,000 people running the Palestine Marathon
  • Run to raise £30,000 to rebuild a demolished Palestinian home

2. Register now

  • £0 Solidarity Rate
    Building bridges with 10,000 people running the Palestine Marathon.
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  • £15 Base Rate
    Creating the foundations for a rebuilt family home.
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  • £30 Wall Rate
    Building bridges and walls and windows and doors.
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3. Fundraise

Please help us raise the £30,000 we need to rebuild a Palestinian home that was destroyed by the Israeli Authorities.
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4. Become a Run The Wall Ambassador

Our goal is that in 2025, 10,000 people from 25 countries will be running the Wall for Palestine. We need you to become a Run The Wall Ambassador — to motivate your friends, family, colleagues, park runners, sports team, student union, church, community or Palestine solidarity group to get them involved.
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“It is a huge opportunity to reach out to people who previously might not be aware of peaceful resistance ideas when it comes to Palestine. As our friends at Right To Movement say, “We run to tell a different story.” Eamonn Murphy, Northern Ireland (2021, 2022 and 2023) and the Palestine Marathon (2017)

Participants in the Palestine Marathon in Bethlehem run by the 8 metre-high Separation Wall and one of its watch towers.

Little Town: Runners and walkers taking part in the Palestine Marathon in Bethlehem
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Why Run the Wall?
Right To Movement

We started Run The Wall in 2021 with our friends at Right To Movement when Covid-19 caused the Palestine Marathon to be cancelled. In an extraordinary act of solidarity, runners from 15 countries joined runners from Palestine to run over 3000 km, five times the length of the Separation Wall.

Run The Wall has now become an annual event. Each year, we invite people worldwide to run for Palestine on the same weekend as 10,000 people participate in the Palestine Marathon in Bethlehem.

Please join us
You can run from 5km to 55km, whatever you can do, wherever you are — you can even walk. Just get involved. Please help us reach our goal of having 10,000 people worldwide running the Wall by 2025.

Fundraise through your run
If you are doing it, why not use it to help us raise the £30,000 needed to rebuild a Palestinian home destroyed by the Israeli Authorities?

“The camaraderie and spirit of inclusion were palpable on the global Run The Wall WhatsApp group. I especially felt connected to Palestine, seeing and hearing from those running the Wall for the right to movement.” Natasha Singh Ally, South Africa (2021, 2022 and 2023)

Rebuilding Home

For the last 12 years, Amos Trust has been rebuilding Palestinian homes destroyed by the Israeli Defence Force (IDF). We work with the families, local builders, our partners Holy Land Trust and HIRN, and teams of UK volunteers to help rebuild their shattered homes and shattered dreams.

These families’ homes are on land owned by Palestinians in Area C which represents over 60% of the West Bank. It is under full Israeli control and it is almost impossible for Palestinians to get a building permit to build on their own land (over 98% of applications are refused) — so these families have no choice but to build without permission and run the risk of having their home destroyed. 

Over the last two years, the incidence of home destruction by the IDF has risen to the highest levels seen in 20 years. At the same time, the number of new illegal Israel settlements built on Palestinian land in Area C has risen rapidly.

Therefore, we are determined to rebuild as many homes as possible and need your help to raise the £30,000 it costs to rebuild a small Palestinian home.

If we don’t build on the land, they will take it. If these people are forced to leave their homes, they will be gone forever.Hamed from HIRN 

Palestine Marathon

In April 2013, Amos Trust took a team to Bethlehem to run the first Right To Movement Palestine Marathon. Since then, we have brought people to run in solidarity with Palestinians, to demand their freedom of movement and raise funds for our partners in Gaza and on the West Bank.

A huge crowd meets at the start of the Palestine Marathon in Bethlehem.

On Your Marks, Get Set... a crowd of runners gather at the start of the Palestine Marathon in Bethlehem
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