Run The Wall 2024

Friday 1st – Saturday 2nd March
Run, walk, or ride in solidarity with Palestinians and people from around the world. On the 1st and 2nd of March 2024, we want you to Run The Wall for Palestine wherever you are.

Run The Wall 2024

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  • Run The Wall... as an act of solidarity 
  • Run The Wall... as a call for Palestinian rights
  • Run The Wall... to demand an end to Israel’s war on Gaza

Home demolitions, illegal settlements, land confiscations, shoot-to-kill policies and the illegal Separation Wall. These are daily realities for Palestinians living in the West Bank.

In Gaza, nowhere is safe
Over 1% of the population have been killed, 70% of these are women and children, over 50,000 injured and 1.9 million people have been displaced. It is a humanitarian disaster where people are facing starvation and the rapid spread of disease. Join people around the world in Running The Wall for Palestine.

“Things you’d love to see... people from all over the world running for the same cause! One day I’m sure we’ll be able to run in the streets of Palestine!” Karim Saad, UAE (2023)

Follow these simple steps:

1. Run/Walk/Ride where you are

  • Run in solidarity with Palestinians and those demanding Palestinian rights around the world
  • Run to raise £60,000 — £30,000 to rebuild a demolished Palestinian home on the West Bank and £30,000 for emergency relief in Gaza 

2. Register now

  • £0 Solidarity Rate
    Building bridges with Palestinian runners from Right To Movement and those demanding Palestinian rights all around the world.
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  • £15 Base Rate
    Creating the foundations for a rebuilt family home on the West Bank and to provide a food parcel in Gaza.
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  • £30 Wall Rate
    Building bridges, walls, windows and doors and ensuring a family in Gaza has food and water.
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3. Fundraise

  • Please help us raise £60,000 - the £30,000 we need to rebuild a Palestinian home on the West Bank that was destroyed by the Israeli Authorities and £30,000 for emergency relief in Gaza. 
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4. Become a Run The Wall Ambassador

  • Our goal is that in 2024, 5,000 people from over 30 countries will be running the Wall for Palestine. We need you to become a Run The Wall Ambassador — to motivate your friends, family, colleagues, park runners, sports team, student union, church, community or Palestine solidarity group to get them involved.
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5. Read the FAQs

  • To find out more about Run The Wall, the background and what we are raising funds for, please read our FAQs.
    Run The Wall FAQs

“It is a huge opportunity to reach out to people who previously might not be aware of peaceful resistance ideas when it comes to Palestine. As our friends at Right To Movement say, “We run to tell a different story.” Eamonn Murphy, Northern Ireland (2021, 2022 and 2023) and the Palestine Marathon (2017)

Participants in the Palestine Marathon in Bethlehem run by the 8 metre-high Separation Wall and one of its watch towers.

Little Town: Runners and walkers taking part in the Palestine Marathon in Bethlehem
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We started Run The Wall in 2021 with our Palestinian friends, Right To Movement when Covid-19 caused the Palestine Marathon to be cancelled. Run The Wall has now become an annual event. Each year, we invite people from around the world to run for Palestine on the same weekend as 10,000 people participate in the Palestine Marathon in Bethlehem.

However, this year, the Gaza War and the crackdown on the West Bank mean that the Palestine Marathon has been pushed back to a provisional date of 10th May. We have decided we should not wait until then but press forward with the original dates, as it is vital that we show our support for Palestinians at this time.

The route of the Palestine Marathon in Bethlehem is shaped by the 8-metre-high Separation Wall, at times running alongside the Wall, other times forcing people to turn back and run in a different direction as there is not 26 miles of contiguous Palestinian State. 

So, to Run the Wall is to demand the Right to Movement and all of the rights that Palestinians are denied. 

A huge crowd meets at the start of the Palestine Marathon in Bethlehem.

On Your Marks, Get Set... a crowd of runners gather at the start of the Palestine Marathon in Bethlehem
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