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The 11-year long Israeli blockade has left 80% of the population dependant on food aid, unemployment rates at 44% (60% for young people). At least 96% of water is undrinkable, and there is often only four hours of electricity each day. Cancer rates have risen sharply and yet the opportunities for treatment have declined drastically.

In Gaza City we partner with Al Ahli Arab Hospital and Near East Council of Churches’ (NECC).

Al Ahli Arab Hospital

A Place of Peace

Al Ahli Arab Hospital, Gaza City

Despite the extreme adversity, Al Ahli Hospital staff and volunteers are committed to serving the community through out-patient and in-patient care.

Al Ahli breast cancer screening programme
If you are diagnosed with breast cancer in Gaza you are three times more likely for it to be fatal than in the UK. There is no radiotherapy allowed and people will be lucky to get a full course of chemotherapy.

Women need to leave Gaza to go to the West Bank for treatment, which is expensive, involves leaving their families in Gaza throughout the treatment and permission is often denied.

Al Ahli's screening programme promotes early identification, community support and guidance on the options available. The situation women face is completely preventable — we seek to support this programme and raise awareness of these innocent victims.

A Gazan women being screened for breast cancer at Al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City.

A Gazan woman being screened for breast cancer at Al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City.

There have also seen three major conflicts and areas destroyed in 2014 are still not rebuilt due to the frequent embargo of building materials. The psychological scars on young people have become more and more pronounced as in the last 6 months over 170 Palestinians have been killed and over 15,000 injured in protests against the blockade and the inability of people to leave Gaza.

NECC — Near East Council of Churches

An Irresistible Future

NECC offers psychosocial support and vocational training to the young people of Gaza – the innocent victims of three wars since 2009 – giving them hope for the future.

NECC is engaged in humanitarian work to support Palestinian refugees in Gaza, particularly disadvantaged youth, women and other vulnerable groups. In providing vocational training programmes and educational opportunities for the people of Gaza, who have been the innocent victims of three wars since 2009, they give them hope for their futures.

Young women at NECC in Gaza City at a vocational training class.

Young women at NECC in Gaza City at a vocational training class.

Specialist mentoring and psychological support is given to all students, which are essential to help them not only to complete and succeed in their training courses but also to develop as individuals and cope with the isolation of everyday life in Gaza.

Amos Gaza appeal

Please help

We support Al Ahli's psychosocial programmes with small children and NECC’s psychosocial support and work training programmes for young people. These programmes seek to address the on-going traumatic stress these young people experience, to fight against despair by providing them with skills and support into employment.

To find out more about Al Ahli Hospital, please watch our short film Al Ahli: A Place of Peace – thank you.

Photography: © Amos Trust/Nick Welsh

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Street Justice

Reaching children on the streets, addressing their trauma, working with them and their families to reintegrate them into their homes, to realise their rights and recover their future.

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Working with local and international peace activists, and partnering with grass-roots projects, to call for a just peace, reconciliation and full equal rights for all Palestinians and Israelis.

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Addressing the impact of climate change and the causes of extreme poverty, building sustainable rural communities and empowering them to realise their rights.

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