This Christmas the Amos Trust appeal is for the ‘SMILE’ Christmas Children’s Programme and women’s empowerment work, run by Wi’am Conflict Resolution Centre in Bethlehem.

Please help us to transform the garbage of anger and hate into the tree of compassion this Christmas.”
Zoughbi Zoughbi
Founder, Wi’am Reconciliation Centre,

Your support will help 300 children and their families, who are living in the shadow the Separation Wall in the Aida and al Assra camps, to celebrate Christmas. It will allow Wi’am to provide support for women through their women’s programme in the desperately difficult winter months.


  • £10 will pay for food and drink for a child coming to the Smile Christmas Programme – how can you celebrate Christmas without lots of food?
  • £20 will buy Christmas presents that 
will help the children with their school work
  • £45 will pay for 3 women to attend a weekly empowerment session which covers hospitality, transport and educational materials
  • £200 will pay for a puppet show for 
the children.

We are seeking to raise £15,000 for our 2018 Christmas Appeal. If you are concerned that your Christmas donation won’t get through in time, then don’t worry — in Bethlehem, they celebrate Christmas three times from December to January!

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The ‘Smile’ holiday programme
Wi’am’s ‘Smile’ holiday programme provides activities for children over the Christmas period who would otherwise have little to smile about. Bethlehem has three Christmases — Roman (25th December), Orthodox (7th January) and Armenian (18th January), and they are off school for this whole period.

The children come from Aida and Al Isra refugee camps and the area around Wi’am that borders the illegal Israeli Separation Wall. The stress levels and poverty in these families continue to grow while the chance to play in green spaces decreases year on year.

Women’s empowerment programme
Wi’am’s Women’s empowerment programme seeks to equip women, who often have to fulfil the traditional domestic roles while seeking much-needed employment and bear so much of the brunt of the difficulties faced in Bethlehem.

The programme seeks to equip single and married women to pursue their aspirations (and those they have for their daughters), to provide support and ways forward within tense and sometimes violent domestic settings, to allow the women to enjoy each others company and to recognise their worth and value.

Photography: © Amos Trust/James Jagger 

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Please watch our short film about Wi’am’s work in Bethlehem.


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