Peace Constructors appeal for Palestine

The Amos Trust Christmas Appeal 2019 is for the Peace Constructors of Palestine, for our partners NECC in Gaza and Holy Land Trust in Bethlehem — for the hope they bring through their vocational training for young people in Gaza and by rebuilding homes destroyed by the Israeli military on the West Bank.

If you want to be a peace builder, a peace constructor, get up and
do something, don’t be a peace contemplator, a peace talker.”
Elias Chacour

Amos Trust’s Christmas appeal for 2019 is for the Peace Constructors of Palestine, for our partners NECC in Gaza and Holy Land Trust in Bethlehem. For the hope they bring through their vocational training for young people in Gaza and by rebuilding homes destroyed by the Israeli military on the West Bank.

  • £24 will pay for the family rebuilding their house to plant an olive or 
    fruit tree, starting to make it into their home again
  • £140 will pay for NECC to provide vital mental wellbeing support to
    1 young person in Gaza

  • £85 will pay for the materials for a 2-year NECC metalwork course
    for a teenager in Gaza who was unable to stay in school

  • £1,300 will fully fund a place on NECC’s new graphic design course,
    which creates fresh opportunities for young women in Gaza

  • £36 will pay for 120 concrete blocks for a rebuilt home. Each home
    needs 4,600 concrete blocks

  • £140 will pay for a water tank for a rebuilt home. Water supplies are
    often cut off so the ability to store water when it is available is vital
    for families

  • £460 will pay for one of the team of local builders providing skilled
    labour and leadership to a rebuilding project (5 normally work on
    each site), bringing vital work to the area.

This year we will be dividing our Christmas Appeal between our partners NECC in Gaza and Holy Land Trust in Bethlehem. You can read more about their work below.

NECC Training Centre in Gaza City offers psychosocial support and vocational training to the young people of Gaza — the innocent victims of three wars since 2009 – giving them an irresistible hope for the future. NECC, Gaza (Near East Council of Churches), is engaged in humanitarian work to support Palestinian refugees in Gaza, particularly disadvantaged youth, women and other vulnerable groups.

Specialist mentoring and psychological support are given to all students, which are essential to help them not only to complete and succeed in their training courses, but also to develop as individuals and cope with the isolation of everyday life in Gaza.
Read more.


Holy Land Trust
Holy Land Trust's community outreach team works tirelessly to strengthen communities and help local people unite in acts of non-violent resistance against the occupation.

They enable creative programmes and projects — both locally and globally — that foster understanding, healing and empowerment of individuals and communities affected by the Israeli occupation.
Read more.

Main image: © Amos Trust/Mark Kensett

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