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This Christmas we are asking you to join us in creating hope for children and young people in Gaza. Can you help to create hope where so little exists? Every gift donated to our Christmas Appeal through the Big Give between 1st – 8th December will be doubled! Full details below.

Gaza strangles us — we have no work and so little hope. We Palestinians want to work. If we can get access to work, we do not need assistance. What we want is a chance to work and prove ourselves. All we are saying is just give us a chance.” Mohammed Awad, 17 — Gaza

Our Christmas Appeal this year is for our partner NECC in Gaza who work tirelessly to create hope for children and young people.

They provide play sessions for children and support for young mothers from some of the worst affected parts of Gaza. They spark joy through therapeutic play sessions for 1,200 children each year.

In addition, they offer job training to young people. Boys and young men are trained in metalwork and carpentry, electrical engineering and solar power installation. Young women learn secretarial skills or attend Gaza’s first graphic design course. Graduates receive extensive work experience and mentoring, and can also apply for micro-loans to start their businesses.

We are delighted to announce every gift donated online through the Big Give between 1st and 8th December will be doubled! Please give generously.

This Christmas will be unlike any other.

We may face travel restrictions and lockdowns, or be unable to see our relatives. All of us will be feeling concerned about the future. But this is every Christmas — every day in fact — for the young people of Gaza.

The average age of the two million people living in Gaza is just 15. Yet it is impossible for them to leave this densely over-crowded strip of land. Add to this bombing raids, massive levels of unemployment, power cuts of up to 16-hours a day, undrinkable tap water and food shortages.

In Gaza I cannot dream of my children’s futures. Each year is worse, worse, worse. We cannot hope. We cannot make plans. All we can do is love them today, to let them know they are loved. Thinking about tomorrow is too hard.”
Mahmoud Alhalemi, NECC Programme Lead

Our Christmas Appeal is for NECC in Gaza who provide play sessions for children and support for young mothers from some of the worst affected parts of Gaza. They also offer job training to young people.

  • £15 could fund play therapy sessions for two children. These early interventions are essential to help children develop coping mechanisms as they try and overcome their trauma.

  • £50 could fund lunches for 40 children attending play therapy sessions. These families are often dependent on food aid so this could well be their only meal of the day.

  • £160 could transform the lives of two young people experiencing PTSD by providing the therapeutic support they need to feel hopeful again.

  • £980 could fund a year-long electrician’s course for a young person.

A young man in Gaza training to become an electrician.

Sparking interest: A young man from Gaza training to become an electrician. 

Nariman’s story

This was the case for Nariman. Her father had died and her mother’s only work was in the home. Nariman was struggling to earn enough as a seamstress with just four hours of electricity a day. She joined NECC’s six-month job creation scheme, learning financial management and how to write a business plan.

She received a grant to set up her dress-making business, and since then her income has grown steadily. Nariman says her face has changed “from sadness to laughter”and that her cell phone is ringing all the time with work requests!

Therapeutic support

NECC also provide therapeutic support. Levels of stress and trauma are so high in Gaza that young people need strategies to address their anxieties, anger and sleep problems. In addition, the sessions help with trust, concentration and motivation issues that are symptomatic of trauma.

I believe in NECC because we have to give young people hope. If we do not, more young people will think, ‘if I lose my leg or if I am killed at a protest on the border then my family will get money.’ Can you imagine how desperate that is?” Mahmoud Alhalemi, NECC Programme Lead

We are delighted to announce that for the first time we have joined forces with the Big Give. Every gift donated online via the Big Give website between 1st and 8th December will be DOUBLED! You can give by clicking on the button below.

We know how hard this year has been, so let us do all we can to give these children hope. Please donate now by clicking below.
Thank you.

The Big Give is a non-profit, charitable website that enables donors to find and support charity projects in their field of interest. Its main activity is online match funding campaigns, where public donations are matched by donations from philanthropists. Since it began in 2008, the charity has raised over £129 million for thousands of charity projects. It is registered with the Fundraising Regulator.

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