water for life appeal 2018

“I used to worry. If we couldn’t grow basic grains what was our alternative? Leave the country? Now we have an alternative; all is not lost.” Erasmo.

Water For Life: Appeal for Nicaragua

Give water. Give hope.
Please help the communities of Teustepe to flourish.

Meet Erasmo

Erasmo lives with his family in one of the driest parts of Nicaragua. He struggled for years to grow the most basic food for his family; beans, corn, sorghum, in the surrounding rocky dry soil because the changing climate made it harder each year.

However, one year later, thanks to a water capture system built with CEPAD's help, he has a small garden with fruits and vegetables including mango, orange and lime trees and his family has enough to eat.

Erasmo lives with his family in one of the driest parts of Nicaragua. With your support, we can help him, his family and his community please donate today.

Micro-dams are made by digging and lining a hole 3 feet deep and 23 feet long which can hold 2,641 gallons of water. They’re filled with rainwater and positioned to take advantage of run-off from roofs.

In 2018, Amos supporters will travel to Teustepe, Nicaragua and help set up nurseries and micro-dams in the communities we're supporting, providing water, improved diets, income and hope.

Please support our Water For Life summer appeal and help the communities of Teustepe to flourish.

Help us set up nurseries and micro-dams in the communities we’re supporting, providing water, improved diets, income 
and hope.

Amos Trust supports seven communities 
in Teustepe:

each community needs twenty-four micro-dams and one nursery
  • one nursery costs £280
  • one micro-dam costs £235
training and materials cost £85 per farmer (there are twenty-four farmers).

We hope to supply at least one community with all they need at a cost of £7,960 but we cannot do this without you – please donate today.

Visit Teustepe, Nicaragua with Amos Trust
If you would be interested in visiting Teustepe to see how CEPAD is helping rural communities to realise their rights and to transform the land, simply click here to find out more.

Thank you.

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