It is not enough to condemn Israel’s plans for annexation. We must Step Up and take action. Israel’s oppression of the Palestinian people is possible because of the complicity of governments and corporations around the world, including the UK.

The UK government has voiced its opposition to annexation but continues to sell arms to Israel and allow trade from the illegal settlements on the West Bank. James Cleverley, Minister of State for the FCO and DfID has warned that annexation “cannot go unanswered”. We must pressure the government to Step Up and ensure that this warning leads to concrete actions in the form of sanctions should Israel commence annexation.

Write to your MP
I know we have asked you on many occasions to write to your MP, but we must ask you to do this again now. Please ask them to sign Early Day Motion #464 which calls for any annexation of the occupied Palestinian territory to result in the imposition of sanctions on Israel.

Also, ask them to sign Early Day Motion #225 which calls for a ban on settlement trade and the introduction of binding regulations for UK companies to uphold human rights. Find out who your MP is.

Church and faith leaders
Please also contact your church or faith leaders. Write to them and remind them that it is not enough to condemn annexation. It is not enough to apologise for the human rights infringements from our colonial past. They must also Step Up. Action is needed against those who are party to injustice today.

Divestment is long overdue from companies that profit from actions that have been declared illegal under international law. It is time to widen investment screens and divest from those who profit from the Occupation of Palestine. Please visit Sabeel-Kairos for more details.

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