3,000 miles — £25,000

Together we’re going to walk 3,000 miles. Between us we will cover the distance from London to Jerusalem. We will do this to show our solidarity and to raise the money needed to keep campaigning, to keep the spotlight on the oppression of the Palestinian people and to keep finding creative new ways to build hope and challenge injustice.

Just Walk Again 2020
The route

To help this we have recreated the 2017 route so that you can decide where you want to imagine walking. It might be somewhere you walked before or where you were planning on going on holiday. To help you set the scene, why not cook some local dishes from the country you’ve chosen, order the local drinks, or now that hair dressers have reopened you could visit your local Turkish Barber!

An illustrative map of the Just Walk Again 2020 route

Just Walk Again:
An illustrative map of the Just Walk Again 2020 route

A group of activists walking through Palestine as part of Just Walk to Jerusalem in 2017.

Gaza border:
The Just Walk to Jerusalem walking close to the Gaza border with Israel — October 2017

— — — — — — — —

UK: 100 miles

  • Penance
    100 miles from London to Canterbury and on to the White Cliffs. Or, if you want to get medieval, take penance seriously and do it on your knees.

— — — — — — — —

France: 550 miles

  • Western Front
    200 miles from Calais to the Somme and along the Western Front to Chemin des Dames. Watch ‘1917’, read Wilfred Own and Pat Barker and understand a bit more of why the Balfour Declaration was written.

  • Champagne
    225 miles staggering through the Champagne region from Reims. With Wimbledon cancelled, could there be a better reason to quaff bubbly? Possibly the best sponsored walk ever.

  • Jura Mountains
    125 miles through one of France’s great unsung treasures, the home of Absinthe and you can even visit one of the many ‘rightful’ King of Jerusalem who’s been living there since the Crusades.

— — — — — — — —

Switzerland: 100 miles

  • The Alps
    100 miles through the vineyards along the north bank of Lake Geneva, through Montreaux and then the long climb up the St Bernard’s Pass.

— — — — — — — —

Italy: 370 miles

  • Gelato
    150 miles down the Aosta Valley to Fidenza. Every step is steeped in history and if that doesn’t rock your whirl, fuel your walk on gelato and great coffee.

  • City hopping
    220 miles city hopping across Italy — Parma, Modena (the home of Ferrari), the covered walkways of Bologna, the principality of San Marino, the beaches of Ravenna and Rimini and onto the ancient port of Ancona.

A group of activists walking through Palestine as part of Just Walk to Jerusalem in 2017.

Palestine at dusk: 
The Just Walk to Jerusalem snaking its way through the Palestinian wilderness — October 2017

— — — — — — — —

Albania: 105 miles

  • Lockdown
    100 miles from Durres to Lake Ohrid and the Macedonian border. Walking through the reminders of Hoxhaj’s 40 years of communist lockdown when Albania was the most isolated country in the world and Norman Wisdom was the only international star.

— — — — — — — —

North Macedonia: 80 miles

  • Rural Idyll
    80 miles — leave the deforestation of Albania and head into the woods, pastures and juniper bushes of the newly renamed North Macedonia. Its cyryllic signposts were a challenge but while it was our shortest cross country route, it was definitely one of our favourites. And so friendly.

— — — — — — — —

Greece: 340 miles

  • Cultures collide
    120 miles. Leave North Macedonia and enter Greek Macedonia. Enjoy the incredible apples, peaches and watermelon and see the ornate Orthodox churches. Visit the home of Philip and his son Alexander the Great before finishing in the cosmopolitan Mediterranean port of Thessaloniki.

  • Saint’s footsteps
    220 miles in the footsteps of St Paul and countless refugees who walked this route seeking sanctuary in the safety of Europe. Finish in the arid Greek borderlands of stunning forests and cracked river beds.

— — — — — — — —

Turkey: 850 miles

  • Journey to the centre of the world
    Walk 180 miles from the rolling countryside of the Greek border past stunning Mediterranean beaches before finishing with 40 miles of urban sprawl into Europe’s largest city. Or take the locals’ advice and follow the traditional route — the new motorway! End your journey in the incredible city of Istanbul (not Constantinople).

  • The road less travelled*
    670 miles from Istanbul to the Syrian border. It was the ancient silk road from Constantinople to Damascus but over the last 20 years it has become the road less travelled.

A group of activists walking through Palestine as part of Just Walk to Jerusalem in 2017.

Big desert and big sky:
Walking across the Negev Desert — October 2017.

— — — — — — — —

Syria: 300 miles*

  • Trail of tears
    320 miles down through Aleppo and Homms which have been at the heart of the conflict and on down to Damascus and to the Jordanian border while remembering that over 600,000 Syrian refugees fled to Jordan.

— — — — — — — —

Jordan: 85 miles

  • The right of return
    85 miles from the Syrian border to Aman — the historic capital of Jordan and then onto the Allenby Bridge. In 2017, we visited Petra as we thought like the 3 million Palestinian descendants in Jordan, that we might be refused entry and wanted to finish on a high.

— — — — — — — —

Palestine: 120 miles

  • From the river to the hills
    100 miles from Allenby Bridge to Jericho (the lowest city in the world), to visit the Bedouin in the South Hebron Hills. Back up to Hebron and the inevitable clash with settlers and on to Bethlehem for tea at Banksy’s Walled Off Hotel.

  • No entry
    34 miles walking around the Gaza Wall — even on this virtual walk there is
    no entry and no way out for Gaza’s 1.9 million people.

  • The City of Peace
    6 miles from Manger Square in Bethlehem, through checkpoint 300 (if you have a permit). Climb up the Mount of Olives before our triumphal entrance into Jerusalem.

— — — — — — — —

Total distance walked
3,000 miles (*new to 2020)

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