Run to end Apartheid

It is 75 years since more than 750,000 Palestinians were forced from their homes, and their right to return was denied. Today, Palestinians are still without those rights. Until this ends, each year we will join runners in Palestine to run, walk or crawl 7.5km.

Run The Wall as an act of solidarity.
Run The Wall as a call for Palestinian rights.
Run The Wall to demand an end to Israel’s apartheid policies.

Run The Wall logoWe started Run The Wall in 2021 with our friends at Right To Movement when Covid-19 caused the Palestine Marathon to be cancelled.

In an amazing worldwide act of solidarity, runners from the UK, Ireland, the USA, Denmark, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Turkey, South Africa, Burundi, Mauritius, Australia, Egypt, Dubai and UAE joined runners from Palestine to virtually run the 750km length of the Separation Wall together.

This has now become an annual event. Every March, we invite hundreds of runners from around the world to run 750km — joining the 5,000 Palestinian runners who run the Palestinian Marathon in Bethlehem. Some people run 5km, and others 55km, whatever they can do, wherever they are. You can even walk if you prefer — just join us and get involved.

Having run in Bethlehem in 2019, Run The Wall was a small way of standing in solidarity with those running in the Marathon and raising funds and awareness of all that is happening in Bethlehem/Palestine. Rev. Robert Hinsley
The camaraderie and spirit of inclusion were palpable on the global Run The Wall WhatsApp group. I especially felt connected to Palestine, seeing and hearing from those running the Wall for the Right to Movement. Natasha Singh Alley

A montage of photographs from Amos Trust's Run The Wall 2021

On Your Marks, Get Set...
Stand in solidarity with Palestinians and join runners, walkers and cyclists from around the world.
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Palestine Marathon

In April 2013, Amos Trust took a team to Bethlehem to run the first Right To Movement Palestine Marathon. Since then, we have brought people to run in solidarity with Palestinians, to demand their freedom of movement and raise funds for our partners in Gaza and on the West Bank.

We started a ‘virtual’ Run The Wall when it was impossible to travel to Bethlehem and participate in the Palestine Marathon. We still plan to take runners to physically take part, but we are so glad to be able to extend the event to friends and supporters around the world.

A crowd of runners gather at the start of the Palestine Marathon in Bethlehem.

On Your Marks, Get Set...
A crowd of runners gather at the start of the Palestine Marathon in Bethlehem.
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A Little Background

The Separation Wall

Work began on the Israeli Separation Wall in 2002. When completed, it will be 750km long. The Wall — also known as the Apartheid Wall, the Separation Barrier or Security Fence — has devastated Palestinians. It cuts deep into the Palestinian West Bank, denying communities access to their land and the right to movement. Moreover, it puts a stop to any effective dialogue.

In urban areas (such as around Bethlehem), the Wall consists of 8-metre-high concrete panels. Elsewhere, it is a combination of electric fences, razor wire, military access roads, bypass roads and watch towers.

International Law

In 2004, the International Court of Justice issued an advisory opinion stating that Israel’s Separation Wall was illegal, violated international law and should be dismantled. It also recommended that Palestinians affected were fully compensated.

Participants in the Palestine Marathon in Bethlehem run by the 8 metre-high Separation Wall and one of its watch towers.

Palestine Justice resources

Take a look through our range of resources, blog posts, downloads and products to find out more about our Palestine Justice work.

amos trust works all around the world

We work alongside grass-roots partners in Palestine, South Africa, Nicaragua, Burundi, India and Tanzania.

Street Justice

Reaching children on the streets, addressing their trauma, working with them and their families to reintegrate them into their homes, to realise their rights and recover their future.

Palestine Justice

Working with local and international peace activists, and partnering with grass-roots projects, to call for a just peace, reconciliation and full equal rights for all Palestinians and Israelis.

Climate Justice

Addressing the impact of climate change and the causes of extreme poverty, building sustainable rural communities and empowering them to realise their rights.

Amos Travel

Bringing people together to meet our partners from around the world, visiting the communities they work in and seeing their projects in action — building solidarity and lasting friendships.


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