Wish Christmas resource pack

We have produced a new Wish resource pack for Advent and Christmas 2021 which includes a Words of Hope Advent liturgy, prayers and readings.

Wish Christmas resource pack

Wish Christmas resource pack
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Politicians compete for the highest offices. Business tycoons scramble for a bigger and bigger piece of the pie. Armies march and scientists study and philosophers philosophise and preachers preach and labourers sweat. But in that silent baby, lying in that humble manger, there pulses more potential power and wisdom and grace and aliveness than all the rest of us can imagine. Brian D. McLaren

Advent’s message of Hope and Christmas’ call for ‘Peace on Earth’ are derided as wishful thinking. However, there is nothing wrong with wishful thinking when it leads to wishful action.

We have updated our free Wish resource pack for Advent and Christmas 2021, including a Words of Hope Advent liturgy, prayers and readings which are suitable for services, Zoom meetings or your personal use. You can download the pack here.

Wishing On The Star Christmas Appeal

We are delighted that once again, every gift donated online to our 2021 Christmas Appeal through The Big Give from Midday on the 30th November and Midday on the 7th December will be doubled! You can find full details here.

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