From the street to the stadium

The 2023 Street Child Cricket World Cup starts in Chennai, India on 25th September and reigning champions and Amos partner Karunalaya will be hosting! 

Karunalaya wants to use the event to end gender-based violence against girls and women living on Chennai’s streets and equip them to live the lives they dream of. We are working with them to achieve this, but we cannot do it without you.

25th – 30th SEPTEMBER 2023

Join our team as we hit gender-based violence for 6!
By the time the last ball is hit on 30th September, we want to raise a further £8,500 so that Karunalaya can ensure the legacy of this amazing opportunity to raise girls’ voices and help hit gender-based violence for 6.

This money will allow them to take the success of the Street Child Cricket World Cup back into the pavement-dwelling communities these children come from.

We want to use this opportunity to show our talent in sports and speak out against the discrimination and violence we’ve experienced. Everyone is against us because we come from pavement-dwelling communities, but that needs to change. Priya

The Street Child World Cup team from Karunalaya in Chennai, India

From the Street to the Stadium: Meet Team Karunalaya
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Six ways you can help hit gender-based violence for 6!

  1. Follow us on social media and share the action
    Throughout September, we will share stories from Chennai and the Street Child Cricket World Cup. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

  2. Host a curry night (or coffee morning)
    Whilst we are busy cheering on the India team in Chennai, why not host a meal or coffee morning. Use our Dinner for Six pack for Indian recipe ideas, show our Join Our Team! film and let people know about the great work of Karunalaya whilst eating delicious food. And if it’s a coffee morning, then don’t forget to serve some chal!

  3. Organise a cricket match
    Get into the spirit of the Street Child Cricket World Cup and hold a cricket match and afternoon tea in your local area.

  4. Give a Digital Gift that makes a difference
    Give a gift that will make a real difference; buy our digital gifts (3-Day Camp and Leadership Training) for your friends and family. Or why not hold a birthday fundraiser asking friends to buy you digital gifts or make donations to Karunalaya?

  5. Donate Now
    Make a donation and help us reach our target of £8,500

  6. Become a Committed Giver
    If you become a committed giver, you will ensure that Karunalaya can continue to empower girls and women to lead the lives they dream of.

Stay in touch
Please contact [email protected] to let us know what you are up to and how we can help. 

We want to use this opportunity to show our talent in sports and speak out against the discrimination and violence we’ve experienced. Everyone is against us because we come from pavement-dwelling communities, but that needs to change. Priya

The money raised will allow Karunalaya to take the success of the Street Child Cricket World Cup back into the pavement-dwelling communities these children come from.

Exhibition matches
Karunalaya will organise Exhibition Cricket Matches for each of the 21 communities they work with. These will not only showcase the children’s talents and transform the expectations that the communities have of girls but also give them a platform for their voices to be heard.

Rights on the streets
The Street Child Cricket World Cup includes a youth participation conference where children from around the world come together to identify the issues affecting them, talk about their solutions and tell those with power how they want them to respond. Karuanualya will not just take cricket to the communities; they will run conference sessions on children’s rights and how to claim them in each community. 

Participatory theatre 
Karuanaluya uses participation in ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’ as a way for communities to understand more about children’s rights and how to challenge abuse. They will run special post-SCCWC sessions in each community so that they can share the learning from SCCWC’s conference.

Women’s movement
The girls from Team Karunalaya will join the women involved in the Niruthuda women’s rights movement to run events in each pavement-dwelling community on why people must do more to end gender-based violence.

Ongoing support
To provide ongoing support to the 8 young people involved as they respond to the new interest in them from their communities and the media. Karunalaya has extensive experience in supporting those children who took part in pursuing their goals of higher education, getting an apprenticeship or being reunited with their families.

To invite ministers from the Chennai Corporation and Tamil Nadu state government to meet with the children, visit their communities and understand more about the difference they can make. 

A young Indian woman holds a cricket bat over her shoulder.

Raising Awareness: £150 could pay for Monisha’s cricket coach for one month
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Cricket has changed my life completely. Because nobody respected us when we were living on the streets. But now, because of cricket, it has changed my life. Now people respect us. Monisha

How Karunalaya hits gender-based violence for 6!

  1. Supports
    Karunalaya addresses the impact of gender-based violence on girls’ lives by providing 1:1 support, sheltered accommodation and counselling.

  2. Empowers
    Karunalaya empowers girls to know their rights and to change their perceptions of themselves by supporting them to stay in school and through their activity camps.

  3. Teaches
    Karunalaya provides street-based classes in pavement-dwelling communities around the issues affecting girls, such as child marriage.

  4. Transforms
    Karunalaya transforms how society sees and treats girls and young women from pavement-dwelling communities by using their participation in sports and activities such as Theatre of the Oppressed.

  5. Equips
    Karunalaya equips pavement-dwelling communities to claim their rights and to address issues like gender-based violence through community initiatives such as the women-led campaign “Niruthuda”, which in Tamil means “Man Stop It!”

  6. Educates
    Karunalaya educates and works with stakeholders, including the police, so that gender-based violence is taken seriously.

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