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Amos Trust's ‘On Her Terms’ campaign is transforming the lives of girls and young women on the streets so that they can live free from abuse. We are journeying with them as they take control of their own lives, challenging the injustice they experience daily.

On Her Terms
Our ambitious response to create systemic change for girls and young women trapped on the streets.

Several years of working alongside our partners to develop their work with girls and young women on the streets have led to this campaign: centering girls and their learning from what works and what doesn’t, and connecting women workers to build solidarity.

Any support for a girl who lives on the street can only work ‘on her terms’. If a girl feels judged by the workers supporting her, or she does not believe the project is operating with her best interests at heart, she will not engage.

 A young Tanzanian girl smiling in her classroom.

On Her Terms: sharing knowledge about working with young women and young mothers on the streets.

Trauma, broken trust, and the repeated shattering of hope 
by those in her life have led her to ‘close-off’ from relationships and to 
be self-reliant. What is clear is that if girls on the streets around the world are to have the opportunities that are currently denied them, projects who support them must connect and support each other, so that they can become more resilient, develop their responses and share their learning with others.

This year, On Her Terms, will be:

  • empowering girls and young women on the streets to own their story through storytelling programmes and techniques

  • creating relationships between projects in South Africa, Burundi, Tanzania, and Kenya to share knowledge about working with young women involved in sex work and young mothers on the streets

  • building support groups between women workers who often feel isolated and overwhelmed by the work they are involved in

  • raising the funds needed for women workers to challenge child marriage in pavement dwelling communities in Chennai

  • supporting our partners in South Africa to promote their approach with girls and young women on the streets, through developing national guidelines.

Collective Vision: Amos Trust brought together women from 8 countries who work with girls on the streets. Girls who face child marriage, prison or are involved in sex work. They shared new ways of working, with a collective vision to see girls live free from abuse. This is their story.

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