A Prayer on the International Day of the Girl

A Prayer on the International Day of the Girl

A Prayer on the International Day of the Girl
11th October 2020

We pray for young women and girls all around the world
We pray that the hard-fought progress on ensuring their rights will not be jeopardised by the impact of coronavirus.
We pray that one day all girls will take it for granted that they can complete primary and secondary education
We pray for an end to FGM, and that no parents will believe that the best option for their daughter is to become a child bride
We pray for all those experiencing abuse: may it end, may they feel safe, may they know justice and may they receive care and support as they try to recover from the devastating impact.
We pray for the countless girls whose lives revolve around the street
Those who have fled abuse, poverty and neglect
Those whose only home has been on the street
Those who are called names and are blamed for being there
Those who are bringing up their own children on the streets
Those who are struggling with addictions and ill health
Those who are seen as worthless and are used and abused by others.
May we recognise that each and every one of these girls is of immeasurable worth
May we recognise the incredible potential in each
May we recognise the trauma so many carry
May we listen to their stories and their dreams, and
May they be given the opportunity to grow, to move forward, to make mistakes, to rediscover their value and their worth
We pray for all those journeying with these young women
Hugely dedicated workers who receive so little reward, so little praise and no thanks
Projects that seek to provide opportunities, to meet their needs, and yet struggle to survive and to develop the work they are called to do
Activists and campaigners committed to realising change,
And all those young women who are leading the call and transforming their futures.

Please note:
We have purposely left this prayer without any prefixing or suffixing sentences so it can be adapted for your church — at Amos Trust, we have many different churches supporting our work.


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