Ellen Logan, Linzy Na Nakorn and Noor Thabet — We Do Hope podcast from Amos Trust: Season 1, Episode 6

“The last 4 days, cycling with people and meeting everybody has given me enough hope to get through the next year.”

Welcome to the We Do Hope podcast
With Ellen Logan, Linzy Na Nakorn and Noor Thabet:
The Big Ride for Palestine
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Jessie and Tilly chat with Ellen Logan, Linzy Na Nakorn and Noor Thabet from The Big Ride for Palestine. Initiated in 2015, ‘The Big Ride’ is an initiative by supporters of the Palestinian people that combines a love of cycling with practical solidarity and awareness-raising. 

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Ellen Logan

Ellen Logan from the Big Ride for Palestine.

Ellen Logan is one of the directors and main organisers of The Big Ride for Palestine. This annual cycle protest involves hundreds of riders cycling across parts of the UK to raise awareness of Palestine rights. 

Initiated in 2015 by activists who wanted to combine their love of cycling with Palestine solidarity, The Big Ride has grown exponentially year on year, attracting people of all ages, ethnicities, religions, backgrounds and nationalities.

Ellen has been campaigning on issues in Palestine since 2015, following three months of living and working in Ramallah and Birzeit.

You can follow Ellen on Instagram and Twitter

Linzy Na Nakorn 

Big Ride for Palestine volunteer and dancer, Linzy Na Nakorn

Linzy Na Nakorn is a dance/theatre-maker and community organiser based in Bristol. She primarily uses her skills across the arts to create socially engaged performance that seeks to challenge, advocate for and expand on conversations around care, resistance, housing, disability and collectivism.

She has been an organiser/volunteer with The Big Ride since the summer of 2021, contributing to the rides outreach, cultural and community engagement.

You can follow Linzy on Instagram and Twitter

Noor Thabet

Big Ride for Palestine Ambassador, Noor Thabet

Noor Thabet was appointed as an Administrative Officer at uMake in 2022, a Palestinian entrepreneurship support organisation that helps entrepreneurs and startups across Palestine. She is currently The Big Ride for Palestine Ambassador. She helped raise £80,000 to build further secure playgrounds for children in Gaza.

Fashion, hiking, art, and photography have been a big part of her life; her father, the calligrapher Ehab Thabet and many Palestinian and international artists continue to inspire her.

You can follow Noor on Instagram and Twitter.

To find out more and to sign up to The Big Ride for Palestine, please visit their website here. 

Ellen, Linzy and Noor’s Hope In A Hurry

Hopeful Read:
Bending The Rules by Rafique Gangat

Hopeful Watch:
Journey to Jagdula by Jordan Caroll

Hopeful Listen:
The Blindboy podcast

Hopeful Anthem:
Free Palestine by Lowkey

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