Climate change is a justice issue. Those with the least political and economic power, and the least responsibility for the changing climate, are affected the most.

Nicaragua is particularly vulnerable — being the fourth most at-risk nation in the world due to changing climates.

Amos Trust supports seven communities in Teustepe in Nicaragua through our partner CEPAD who work in isolated rural communities, addressing the impact of climate change and causes of extreme poverty.
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Climate change is a justice issue 
Those who have the least political and economic power, and the least responsibility for the changing climate, are affected the most. We have a moral and ethical imperative 
to respond to their call for immediate action.

We invited community activists, experts, artists and theologians from the UK and the Global South to take part in an interactive 2-day summit in Cambridge in late September 2019. Please watch and share the short film of what happened.

Amos Trusts Climate Justice work currently focusses on Nicaragua and our partner CEPAD.

CEPAD equip local communities with the skills, knowledge and resources they need to identify their own problems, break the cycle of poverty, claim their rights and become empowered agents of change.

Initiatives include education and training in farming techniques and encouraging and enabling individuals, especially women, to set up small, sustainable businesses to support their families. Climate change cannot be seen in isolation from all the other difficulties these small communities face, rather it amplifies them.

Nicaragua, as well as being severely affected by climate change, has always had a turbulent political history and CEPAD knows that for communities to have a better future, they must address the context of the local situation.

Climate Justice resources

Take a look through our range of resources, including blog posts, downloads and products, to find out more about our Climate Justice work.

amos trust works all around the world

We work alongside grass-roots partners in Palestine, South Africa, Nicaragua, Burundi, India and Tanzania.

Street Justice

Reaching children on the streets, addressing their trauma, working with them and their families to reintegrate them into their homes, to realise their rights and recover their future.

Palestine Justice

Working with local and international peace activists, and partnering with grass-roots projects, to call for a just peace, reconciliation and full equal rights for all Palestinians and Israelis.

Climate Justice

Addressing the impact of climate change and the causes of extreme poverty, building sustainable rural communities and empowering them to realise their rights.

Amos Travel

Bringing people together to meet our partners from around the world, visiting the communities they work in and seeing their projects in action — building solidarity and lasting friendships.


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