Equal Rights

For three decades Amos Trust has called for full equal rights for all who call the Holy Land Home. We are opposed to anything that denies these rights and that includes speech and behaviour driven by antisemitism, Islamophobia and other forms of racial, religious or ethnic discrimination.

Today we are witnessing a rapidly deteriorating situation for Palestinians. This is true not only in Gaza but for those living under occupation on the West Bank, those whose residency is threatened in East Jerusalem, and those living in the refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordan and Syria.

Around the world, we are also witnessing an alarming rise in Islamophobia, antisemitism and other forms of hatred towards minority communities. Our beliefs and values call us to place ourselves at the frontline of tackling such hatred.

We are acutely mindful of how antisemitism can sometimes find its way into the global movement for Palestinian solidarity. Sometimes this is through clumsiness of thinking or lack of education. Sometimes it is deliberate and malicious. It must always be challenged appropriately and with acknowledgement of the pain and distress it has caused.

At the same time, we are clear that allegations of antisemitism must not be used to either hinder advocacy for Palestinian rights nor deny the lived experience of the Palestinian people — recognising that Palestinians must not be defined only by their relationship to Israel. They have independent rights of their own that must be acknowledged.

In all situations where hurt has been caused, we desire that honesty, and a commitment to reconciliation be our way forward.


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