Olivia Blake MP — We Do Hope podcast from Amos Trust: Season 1, Episode 4

“If we’re not kind to each other, what’s the point of hope?”

Welcome to the We Do Hope podcast
With Olivia Blake MP: Hope and activism
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Jessie and Tilly chat with Olivia Blake MP about finding hope in politics and becoming an MP, the climate crisis, little wins, global finance — and dogs. Olivia is the Labour MP for Sheffield, Hallam, and has been an MP since December 2019. Until June 2022, she was Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Net Zero. 

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Olivia Blake MP

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Olivia Blake is the Labour MP for Sheffield Hallam and the Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Net Zero. She has been a vocal advocate for robust action on the climate and nature crises through a radical Green New Deal.

She is the Chair of the All-Party Group on Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and works with local and national campaigners to push for change on issues including housing, LGBTQ+ rights, refugees and asylum seekers and miscarriage support.

Olivia’s Hope In A Hurry

Hopeful Read:
Hope In The Dark by Rebecca Solnit

Hopeful Listens:
Podcast: Manchester Green New Deal

Hopeful Watch:
Knock Down The House on Netflix

Hopeful Anthem:
Talkin’ Bout A Revolution — Tracy Chapman

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