Hope Reflection

A short ‘Hope’ reflection with words from John Lewis, Saint Augustine, Adrian Thaws and Garth Hewitt.

Hope Reflection

Hope Reflection
From our book, Seeds Of Hope

Do not get lost in a sea of despair
Be hopeful, be optimistic
Our struggle is not the struggle of a day, a week, a month or a year It is the struggle of a lifetime
Never, ever be afraid to make some noise
and get in good trouble, necessary trouble

Our defences
Have become fences
Our fears
Have created walls and borders

We look to the one
Who chose to become defenceless

Not to smash up our barricades
Not to chip away at the foundations or to widen the cracks
But to rebuild them into doors and windows, floors and ceilings To remove the “No” on our vacancy sign
And to stamp “Welcome” on our doormats

Hope has two beautiful daughters
Anger and courage
Anger at the way things are
Courage to see they do not need to remain

When our thoughtlessness stops the creativity of others
Give us the wisdom to keep quiet

When we keep a tight hold on power
Give us the confidence to let go

When we deny others a chance
Give us understanding of our need for each other

When we prefer the safe places to the wildness of your world
Give us itchy feet

When we don’t take risks because we’re too scared of failing
Pick us up, turn us round and give us a gentle nudge

So that we may see you in the darkness
As well as in the light
So that we may carry on
When we stumble on the journey and see no hope

So that we may stop and be silent
When we don’t hear you in the earthquake, wind and fire But listen to the small voice
You have not done with us yet...
There is still hope
— — — — — — —

Our thanks to:
John Lewis, Saint Augustine, Adrian Thaws and Garth Hewitt.

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