Gaza: Stories From The Strip

Our current projects in Gaza include ‘On Location’, showcasing the best visual artists from the region, promoting breast cancer screening at Al Ahli Arab Hospital, supporting employment training for young people at NECC and helping the Gazan Paralympic cycling team (The Gaza Sunbirds) in their dream of reaching the 2024 Paralympics in Paris.

Protection, Gaza. Join us in taking the force of the blow

Emergency Appeal for Gaza

Helping to build an Irresistible Future in Gaza

NECC, Gaza

We Are Not Numbers

Stories from the Strip

Are partner We Are Not Numbers are a Palestinian youth advocacy organisation that tell the human experiences behind the numbers in the news from Gaza — sharing and celebrating stories from the Strip through their website and social channels.

We Are Not Numbers


Young People in Gaza

“Al Ahli Hospital is a place of peace and reconciliation in this city.”

— Suhaila Tarazi: Director, Al Ahli Arab Hospital, Gaza City


Hopeful Children

How do you encourage children to be hopeful for their future when unemployment is at 59%? How do you feed your family when 70% of the population is on food aid? How do you run a business on 5 hours of electricity a day?

Gaza City

End the blockade

“Open the borders... open the sea. We can fish... we can work the borders. We can establish new factories.”

— Mahmoud Al Halimi, NECC Gaza

Join the team

Gaza Sunbirds

We would like to send a cycling team from Gaza to the Paralympics in France in 2024. By becoming backers of the Gaza Sunbird team, you can help us get this project off to a flying start. Find out more.

Gaza Sunbirds

Join the team

Gaza Sunbirds


The Situation in Gaza

Write to your MP


Write to your MP

Please write to your MP about the current situation in Gaza.

Simply click the link to use our draft text and amend it to suit. Thank you.

Write to your MP

Support the campaign

Ahlan Gaza (Welcome Gaza) follows the simple stories of people living in Gaza, people trying to live with dignity as their options close in on them each year.


Watch and share our short campaign film, ‘Open The Borders’.

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