Positive Independence

At Cheka Sana, girls attend support groups where they can encourage each other, learn about child safety and find out how to positively address the gender violence and exploitation they have experienced in their lives.

Central to their approach is training in women-only self-defence. Through this programme, girls not only learn how to protect themselves, but also that they have a right to say ‘No!’, that they have choices and that they can take control of their own futures.

Girls have been an under-supported group for a long time, and in response to this Cheka Sana’s girls’ centre was established as a vital place where they can be safe, begin to understand and face their trauma and regain their sense of self.

Self-defence training with girls and young women is also offered weekly, to increase girls’ self-confidence, power and self-esteem.

“I want girls to be confident. I want them to open their mouths and speak up. I want them to be more confident than me so that they become the ones pushing for change.” Nyangi, Self-defence trainer, Cheka Sana Tanzania

A key part of Cheka Sana’s approach with teenage girls and young women is to educate them about the opportunities to secure income outside of sex work. Girls form association groups to support each other, learn new skills and to be encouraged, along with the wider communities, to learn about child safety and how to address gender violence and exploitation.

Amos Trust is currently supporting Cheka Sanas work with young mothers on the streets and their children, as well as girls at risk of early pregnancy, providing psychosocial support and counselling, entrepreneurship training to generate income, support to access vital health services, and self-defence.

Run Without Fear
We invited four young women from Cheka Sana Foundation in Tanzania, to join us in running the first Zanzibar Half Marathon for gender equality. This is their story.

Street Justice resources

Take a look through our range of resources, including blog posts, downloads and products, to find out more about our Street Justice work.


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