Women 4 Women

Every October, we ask women in the UK to stand in solidarity with women in Gaza by hosting fundraising events throughout the Autumn or by donating to our Women 4 Women Appeal. So many people ask about this campaign all year round so we are more than happy for you to support this amazing work at any time of year.

Women 4 Women
Host an event in solidarity with women in Gaza

For fundraising ideas, a new prayer, films, images and background information, please download your free Women 4 Women resource pack.

Every year, to mark breast cancer awareness month (or Rosy October as it’s called in Gaza), we ask women to come together to do something they love, to raise awareness and vital funds to help the women of Gaza to access the breast cancer screening programme at Al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City.

Past events have included coffee mornings, art exhibitions, gigs, Palestinian dinners, clothes swaps, exhibitions, gin tasting, marathons, interactive installations and church services. Just £60 provides breast cancer screening and support for one woman in Gaza. 

Please help us help as many women as possible gain access to screening by making a donation to our Women 4 Women appeal here.

Al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City.

A Place of Peace: 
Al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City.
— — — — — — — 

A women in Gaza City being screened for breast cancer.

A woman at Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza City is screened for signs of breast cancer.
— — — — — — — 

Screening is so simple and so effective — if we can work with women so that they can identify breast cancer early, we can treat it. We need to make screening normal for women and change traditional attitudes. At the moment too many die, they are scared that if diagnosed they will be shunned by their families. Suhaila Tarazi — Director of Al Ahli Arab Hospital, Gaza City

Download our free pack for fundraising ideas, a new prayer, films, images and background information. Thank you for supporting Women 4 Women.

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