A place of peace

Al Ahli Hospital is in the centre of Gaza City and treats over 45,000 patients each year. It is a haven of peace and hope in the middle of one of the world’s most troubled areas.

Restrictions on movement and imports mean that the Al Ahli Hospital is often without basic medicines and life is made even more stressful with limited supplies of electricity, food, water, fuel and personnel.

Al Ahli Arab Hospital
A Place of Peace

Al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City was bombed on 17th October 2023 — up to 500 people were killed. Despite the extreme adversity, the hospital staff and volunteers are committed to serving the community through out-patient and in-patient care, including emergency and ambulance services - and its doors are open to everyone in need.

In addition to its hospital facility, Al Ahli provides free mobile clinics to villages across Gaza and offers specialised support for different community groups such as free clinics for elderly women, free care for burn injuries and underweight or malnourished children, screening programmes for early detection of breast cancer among women and essential psychosocial support.

The hospital also partners with community organisations to provide much-needed training for local people in counselling, social work, basic first aid and medical aid, and run their own training programmes for graduate and undergraduate youth.

During the 2014 summer attacks on Gaza, the hospital opened its doors to family members of the wounded who were desperate and seeking refuge – providing them with food, beds and support – hiring additional staff to respond to the massive need.

They managed to keep the hospital open 24 hours a day to provide the vital emergency care needed. The surgical team dealt with explosion injuries and traumas, including abdominal injuries, bone and chest injuries and different types of burns. On average, they treated 45 severe burns cases a day as a direct result of the war, 50% of whom were children.

To find out more about Al Ahli Hospital, please watch our short film Al Ahli: A Place of Peace — thank you.

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