Non-violent creative resistance

Holy Land Trust, in Bethlehem, enables creative programmes and projects – both locally and globally – that foster understanding, healing and empowerment of individuals and communities affected by the Israeli occupation.

Their community outreach team works tirelessly to strengthen communities and to unite local people in acts of non-violent resistance against the occupation.

Training programmes are run for all ages in non-violence and leadership – with unique workshops for women and children to enable them to rebuild self-esteem, and equip them with practical and creative strategies to deal with, and challenge, the oppression they experience daily.

The Trust’s 'Peace Research and Learning Centre' is a vital hub, from which they host conferences, run courses, offer outreach seminars and provide a comprehensive library. It also attracts scholars, experts and students from different fields from around the world – inspiring pioneering teaching and research on issues such as non-violence, peace, conflict resolution, non-linear thinking and healing traumas.

Please watch our short film which explains more about the work of Holy Land Trust and their unique relationship with Amos Trust.

Palestine Justice resources

Take a look through our range of resources, blog posts, downloads and products to find out more about our Palestine Justice work.


Amos Trust
Room 11
St Margaret’s House
15 Old Ford Road
Bethnal Green
E2 9PJ

+44 (0) 203 725 3493
[email protected]
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