Stage 2: Calais to Arras, France

Starting in Dover, UK: Friday 16th June at 13:00
Ending in Arras, France: Friday 23rd June at 10:00
Duration: 7 nights
Walking: 6 days
Total distance: 148km
Average per day: 25km
Daily ascent/descent: 200 – 300m
Avg. max temp: 16°

£450/£200 deposit

Stage 2: Calais to Arras, France

Difficulty rating: Easy

When we arrive in Calais we will walk along the fence that has been erected around the site of the former refugee camp – the jungle. A poignant symbol of a desire to keep out people who have fled from persecution. We will then meet up with those who are working with the young refugees who have subsequently gone missing.

From Paris our journey proceeds southwest to Guines before heading in a more natural direction down the Via Francigena through the Pas de Calais to the beautiful city of Arras.

Arras was the scene of prolonged and heavy fighting during the First World War and once in Arras we will visit the Canadian Memorial at Vimy Ridge. On route we will travel through Wisques with its historic Abbeys and visit the stunning 15th Century Chateau d’Olhain.

Nearest transport hub: 

  • Day 1:
    Dover train station
  • Final day:
    Arras train station

Distances per day:

  • Day 1: 16km
  • Day 2: 35km
  • Day 3: 23km
  • Day 4: 19km
  • Day 5: 32km
  • Day 6: 14.5km
  • Day 7: 0km

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The maximum number of people we can take for this stage is twenty. Therefore, making your booking and paying your deposit does not guarantee participation in this stage. We will contact you to confirm that your booking has been successful and to ask you to provide further essential information.


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