Amos@5: Season 1 back catalogue

During the 2020 lockdown, we thought it was more important than ever to continue to talk about the issues that all our partners face, particularly in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. This is a back catalogue of Amos@5 webinars from Season 1 featuring hour-long conversations with thought-leaders and Amos partners and friends.

All episodes from Amos@5 Season 1 are now available to watch again on Vimeo and listen to on SoundCloud. 

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Episode 1:
How do we campaign for Palestinian rights during lockdown?
Featuring Amos trustee Robert Cohen in conversation with Sami Awad and Elias D’eis from Holy Land Trust in Bethlehem.

Sami and Elias from Holy Land Trust discuss the situation in Bethlehem and throughout Palestine today and asking how we in the UK should look to focus our efforts during this time.

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Sam Awad from Holy Land Trust in Bethlehem.

Sami Awad from Holy Land Trust in Bethlehem
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Episode 2:
Stay at home, but how?
Featuring Catherine Mongella Kalokola (Cheka Sana in Tanzania), Mpendulo Nyembe (Umthombo in South Africa) and Paul Sunder Singh (Karunalaya in India) in conversation with Guardian journalist Jo Griffin.

Catherine, Mpendulo and Paul discuss how lockdown is affecting young people on the streets of Tanzania, South Africa and India with Guardian journalist Jo Griffin. Topics include how the rights of young people on the streets are being ignored and violated during the pandemic and how they are responding and advocating for these young people to not be ignored.

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Paul Sunder Singh from Karunalaya in India.

Paul Sunder Singh from Karunalaya in India
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Episode 3:
Ahlan from Gaza?
With playwright and academic Ahmed Masoud and journalist Hind Khoudary.

The blockade of Gaza is entering its 13th year. The devastating impact this has had on Gaza’s infrastructure, economy and health service means that if the pandemic enters the general population, it will have a devastating effect. Hear from Gazan journalists, creatives and authors on how the Coronavirus is impacting upon life in Gaza.

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Gazan journalist Hind Khoudary.

Gazan journalist Hind Khoudary
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Episode 4:
How can a legacy of the pandemic be a green new deal?
With Dámaris Albuquerque, Jocelyn Timperley, Molly Elliot and Richard Elliot.

With the latest news from Dámaris Albuquerque on the impact of Coronavirus in Nicaragua and a conversation with Jocelyn Timperley from DeSmog UK, youth climate activist Molly Elliot and Pickwell Foundations Richard Elliot on how we can emerge from the current situation with a far stronger call for climate justice.

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Dámaris Albuquerque from CEPAD in Nicaragua.

Dámaris Albuquerque, Executive Director of CEPAD in Nicaragua
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Episode 5:
What does hope taste like?
With Sami Tamimi and Tara Wigley from Ottolenghi.

Plans to launch new cookbook Falastin were put on hold due to Coronavirus so we invited Sami and Tara, the book’s authors, to join us in conversation with Amos trustee Gemma Bell, to recommend their favourite recipes from the book and share some top tips for that perfect Palestinian Lockdown meal.

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Ottolenghi Director, chef and author, Sami Tamimi.

Ottolenghi Director, chef and author, Sami Tamimi
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Episode 6:
My Seeds of Hope
With Zena Kazeme, Lucy Winkett and Martin Wroe.

Since Lockdown began, we’ve been running a daily series across our social media channels entitled ‘Seeds of Hope’. We invited Zena, Lucy and Martin to share theirs.

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Spoken word poet Zena Kazeme.

Spoken word poet Zena Kazeme
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Episode 7:
Does the Coronavirus pandemic open up possibilities for reconciliation?
With Zoughbi Zoughbi and Lucy Talgieh from Wiam Conflict Reconciliation Centre in Bethlehem.

A discussion that centred around whether Coronavirus has created more opportunities for dialogue between Palestinians and Israelis, or if it has further polarised positions. With a call for urgent action over the new Israeli Government’s plans to annex large parts of the West Bank.

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Zoughbi Zoughbi from Wi'am Conflict Resolution Centre in Bethlehem.

Zoughbi Zoughbi from Wiam Conflict Resolution Centre in Bethlehem
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Episode 8:
Listen up: Stories beyond shame
With Catherine Mongella from Cheka Sana in Tanzania and award-winning journalist Masuma Ahuja.

Many girls and young women’s lives are dominated by shame, deliberately silenced or given no opportunity to talk about their experiences. Amos trustee and sexual health specialist Jane Walker hosts a conversation with Catherine Mongella and award-winning journalist, Masuma Ahuja.

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Catherine Mongella, Director of Cheka Sana in Tanzania.

Catherine Mongella, Director of Cheka Sana in Tanzania
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Episode 9:
Run, Ride, Walk Palestine
With authors Jenny Baker, Julian Sayarer and Justin Butcher.

Three authors discuss what running, riding and walking in Palestine has meant for them with each reading extracts from their own remarkable books.

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Runner, author, Redthread COO and Amos trustee Jenny Baker.

Runner, author, Redthread COO and Amos trustee Jenny Baker
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Episode 10:
Gaza: How can we be healthy?
With Lubna Sabbah from Amos partner NECC in Gaza City and Consultant Dr. Bassam Abu Hamad.

Most young people in Gaza live with permanent traumatic stress — the innocent victims of three wars, unable to leave the massively overcrowded confines of Gaza, and with so little hope for the future.

Hear the latest news on the threat of Coronavirus and how Amos partners NECC journey with these young people as they find a way to live in Gaza today.

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Lubna Sabbah from NECC in Gaza City.

Lubna Sabbah from NECC in Gaza City
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