Amos@6: Season 3 back catalogue

As we start thinking about coming out of lockdown, we continue to bring you hour-long conversations with thought-leaders and Amos partners and friends. Below is the Season 3 back catalogue.

Amos@6: Season 3 back catalogue

All episodes from Amos@6 Season 3 are now available to watch again on Vimeo and listen to on SoundCloud. 

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Episode 1:
Pop Goes Palestine
With Rasha Nahas, Sarah Williams and Martin Goldschmidt from Palestine Music Expo

2017 saw the first ever Palestine Music Expo (PMX) take place in Ramallah on the West Bank. It brought together Palestinian artists and international music industry professionals in an effort to develop valuable music industry networking opportunities in Palestine. The event was a huge success and continues to be the major annual event on the Palestine music calendar.

Listen and watch again as we talk Palestinian Pop with Sarah Williams and Martin Goldschmidt from PMX and the unbelievably talented Palestinian singer-songwriter Rasha Nahas (below) who sang for us live.

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Palestinian singer/songwriter Rash Nahas

Palestinian singer/songwriter Rasha Nahas. 
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Episode 2:
A Virtual Tour of Gaza
With Asmaa Tayeh and Ola AlAsi from We Are Not Numbers

We were delighted to welcome Asmaa Tayeh and Ola AlAsi from We Are Not Numbers for a virtual tour of Jabalia Camp in the north of the Gaza Strip were we glimpsed into the every day lives of some of the locals, visited the market and saw images of Gaza that never make it onto the news.

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Ola Alasi from We Are Not Numbers in Gaza

Ola AlAsi from We Are Not Numbers in Gaza with one of Jabalia refugee camp’s oldest residents. 
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Episode 3:
Rebuilding Hope
With Justin Butcher and Amaka Okafor 

Listen again to a webinar about literally, rebuilding hope with actress Amaka Okafor reading Justin Butcher’s account of what happened when he visited a demolished family home in Palestine. Also joining us were Lara Mitri, Said Zarzar and Elias Deis from Holy Land Trust.

Currently unavailable

Playwright and director Justin Butcher.

Playwright, Director and Activist Justin Butcher at The Mount of Olives over-looking the Old City of Jerusalem. 
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Episode 4:
Uprooting our past, present and futures
With Taysir Arbasi and Heather Masoud from Zaytoun  

We were delighted to welcome old friends Heather and Taysir from Zaytoun, along with Amos trustee Gemma Bell, for a special webinar about food, farming, the landscape, community, and the ongoing difficulties that Palestinian farmers face in the Jordan Valley.


A Palestinian farmer protects an olive tree while the Israeli army looks on.

A Palestinian farmer protects an olive tree while the Israeli army look on. 
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Episode 5:
Girlhood — book launch
With Masuma Ahuja  

What does a teenage girl dream about in Nigeria or New York? How does she spend her days in Mongolia, the Midwest, and the Middle East? Join author Masuma Ahuja as she shares stories from her book ‘Girlhood’ where thirty teens from twenty-seven countries share their own stories of growing up through diary entries and photographs.

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Author Masuma Ahuja

Author Masuma Ahuja. 
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Episode 6:
We Are All Somebody
With Sam Richards, Sadock John, Lucas Mee and Isabelle Kenyon  

We were delighted to host Sam, Sadock, Lucas and Isabelle for the launch of Street Child United's We Are All Somebody poetry anthology.

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Sam Richards and the England Street Child Cricket World Cup team.

Sam Richards and the England Street Child Cricket World Cup team. 
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Episode 7:
The First Time I Saw The Wall
With Zoughbi Zoughbi and Claire Anastas  

Watch again as Zoughbi Zoughbi from Wi’am Reconciliation Centre and Claire Anasta from Bethlehem discuss Israel’s illegal Separation Wall.

Listen as they talk about the first time they saw the Wall and about the protests that took place against its building in Bethlehem and the neighbouring areas. They tell devastating stories of the Wall’s impact and share how it has only furthered divisions.

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Zoughbi Zoughbi from Wi'am Reconciliation Centre in Bethlehem.

Zoughbi Zoughbi from Wiam Reconciliation Centre in Bethlehem. 
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Episode 8:
Why is the Palestinian call for Cultural Boycott so important?
With Alia Malek, Miranda Pennell and Robert Cohen  

Watch again as Alia Malek, Miranda Pennell, Robert Cohen and Amos’ Chris Rose discuss the BDS movement, creativity, Covid and the new normal.

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A young person filming a pop concert on their mobile phone.

As things start to get back to ‘normal’, it’s more important than ever to find out why Palestinian artists and activists have called for the cultural boycott of Israel. 
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Episode 9:
Right To Movement
With Diala Isid and George Zeiden from Right To Movement  

On the eve of Amos Trust’s ‘Run The Wall’, we were joined by Diala and George in Nottingham and Jerusalem respectively from Right To Movement. Also joining us were runners from the UK Esta MacInnes and spoken-word performer Harry Baker.

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A crowd of runners at the start line of the Palestine Marathon.

A crowd of runners at the start line for the Palestine Marathon in Bethlehem in 2018.
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