On Location, Gaza (2023)

When words fail, art speaks. Our On Location exhibition introduces leading visual artists from Gaza and explores the motivations, frustrations and realities of being artists under siege. Your donation will help us take On Location to more places and tell the stories of the Gazan artists celebrated in the exhibition.

Main image:
Duaa Qishta  |  Portes Du Triomphe  |  300x200cm (2022)

Project coordinator:
James Walmsley for Amos Trust

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15th May 2023 marks the 75th anniversary of the Nakba, when 750,000 Palestinians were forced to flee their homes in the historic land of Palestine. Under international law, these Palestinians have the right to return to their homes, but 75 years later, they are still waiting.

The Gaza Strip is home to over 2 million people trapped in a small area of just 365 km2. Over 1.4 million of them are descendants of refugees from 1948. To mark this anniversary, we have added eight new remarkable Gazan artists to our On Location gallery.

Each artist has overcome so many hurdles to create these works of incredible beauty and insight. As you study their work and read their biographies, we hope that you will share our excitement at being able to show this work.

Many of these pieces challenge our expectations and remind us of the creativity flourishing in Gaza today. They also allow us to glimpse why, 75 years after the Nakba, promoting Palestinian culture is vital in maintaining Palestinian identity and demanding Palestinian rights.

We hope you will join us in celebrating the creativity and resilience of the Palestinian people.

Chris Rose
Director, Amos Trust

Our 2023 On Location Artists

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Ahlan Gaza (Welcome Gaza) follows the simple stories of people living in Gaza, people trying to live with dignity as their options close in on them each year.


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