An Irresistible Future

NECC, Gaza (Near East Council of Churches), is engaged in humanitarian work to support Palestinian refugees in Gaza, particularly disadvantaged youth, women and other vulnerable groups.

In providing vocational training programs and educational opportunities for the people of Gaza, who have been the innocent victims of four wars since 2009, they give them hope for their futures.

NECC Gaza City
An Irresistible Future

Specialist mentoring and psychological support is given to all students, which are essential to help them complete and succeed in their training courses and develop as individuals and cope with the isolation of everyday life in Gaza.

They currently supervise four training centres – promoting gender equality — including courses in technical/vocational trades (building, carpentry, welding, and other hands-on practical trades), advanced dressmaking, secretarial studies, office management, and English language study. Interest-free educational loans are also made available for those students wishing to complete their studies in Palestinian universities.

You can read a story about NECC’s work here, or to find out more about NECC and Amos’ work in Gaza, please watch our short film.

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