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“The liberation of the Earth, the liberation of women, the liberation of all humanity is the next step of freedom we need to work for, and it’s the next step of peace that we need to create.” Vandana Shiva

Climate & Gender Fellowship 2024
Youth-led Climate projects
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The fellowship allocates 30,000 USD to support a maximum of 12 climate projects with a gender perspective.

  1. Training Sessions Focus
    We will have 3 initial training sessions to guide participants in project development, emphasising the integration of a gender perspective, designing indicators, crafting precise budgets, and fostering project sustainability.

  2. Individual Funding Calculation
    Activists will receive amounts based on individually designed proposals, with a maximum of 2500 USD. The individual funding amount will be determined during the first two months of planning, considering project design, timeframe, materials, and other relevant aspects.

  3. Community Building and Collaboration:
    The emphasis will be on fostering a sense of community and reflective processes. Participants will strategise collaboratively on effective use of the available budget, ensuring thoughtful distribution among projects.

  4. Sustainability of the Project:
    The amount participants will receive will function as an investment for the project's initiation or growth. Participants will be expected to contemplate sustainability beyond the initial 6 months, planning for enduring growth and distinguishing between short-term and long-term impacts.

  5. Gender perspective:
    Adopting a ‘gender perspective’ is central to the Climate & Gender Fellowship and means recognising and understanding the challenges, limitations, opportunities, and contributions of women based on social expectations, roles, and cultural norms associated with their gender.

    We use a gender lens to examine how these roles may disadvantage women in dealing with climate impacts and hinder their active involvement and advocacy for environmental rights. Additionally, this perspective allows us to appreciate that women bring a unique viewpoint and experience, crucial for implementing responsible and effective projects to address climate change impacts.

  6. Project Typology:
    All projects must centre around climate change with a gender perspective.

    Projects fall into three distinct types:

    Seed Project:
    A completely new initiative lacking necessary resources.

    Project Advancement:
    Existing projects seeking elevation to a second stage, requiring additional resources.

    Gender Perspective Integration:
    Projects initially developed without a gender perspective but evolving to incorporate one.

    This process acts as an active learning experience, enabling participants to cultivate funding capacities. It not only supports securing additional grants for proposed projects but equips participants with the skills to pursue future endeavours. It empowers them to navigate grant applications and project development intricacies beyond the fellowship, helping to foster sustainability and long-term impact.

How can I join?

If you wish to be part of the Climate & Gender Fellowship 2024, we encourage you to indicate your interest by completing the form available at the this link.

We are excited to learn more about you and your enthusiasm for the program! The deadline to fill in the return to us the interest application is 12th March, 2024. We are scheduled to start the program on 2nd April, 2024.

If you have any inquiries about the program, please feel free to reach out to Alexia Lizarraga Quintero, our Partnerships and Climate Fellowship Manager, via email at [email protected]

Climate change is a justice issue

Those who have the least political and economic power, and the least responsibility for the changing climate, are affected the most.


We partner with CEPAD in Nicaragua to empower seven communities in Teustepe with the skills, knowledge and community resilience required to address their own problems.

Once In A Lifetime

A short social-friendly snippet from Amos Trust’s Once In A Lifetime climate justice summit in Cambridge in September 2019 when we were joined by climate activists, thinkers and doers.


We support rural communities in Nicaragua through our partner CEPAD but we can’t do it without your help. Every penny goes to supporting those most affected by climate change.

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