Toilets For Tomorrow

This Spring, our Nicaragua appeal is raising funds to ensure that the families and communities we support in Teustepe, Nicaragua, have access to climate-resilient toilets, improving their health and dignity.

Amos Trust Spring Appeal for Nicaragua
Juan lives in El Espino, Teustepe, with his wife and sons, aged five and six. The community has been affected by strong hurricanes in the last three years, which have destroyed many toilets, crops and the community well. 

Juan and his family did their best to rebuild their toilet at the end of 2023 after it was destroyed. There are now only five in El Espino to serve the needs of 34 families, resulting in many people having to defecate outdoors, often near the rivers, contaminating the water sources and enabling the spread of diseases such as cholera, diarrhoea and dysentery, especially among children.

I am concerned about the health of my two young children; they do not have good conditions to relieve themselves. In the community, diseases have increased, especially among children and young people. We want to be supported with a new latrine — not just for us but the entire community. Juan, El Espino

Amos Trust partner CEPAD has identified the need for 50 new climate-resilient toilets in Teustepe, where damage to the old ones has rendered them unusable. They have worked with the local communities to identify 50 beneficiaries whose health and well-being will most benefit from their installation.

Please help us provide Toilets For Tomorrow for the communities of Teustepe.

A local man from Teustepe in rural Nicaragua.

Beneficiaries“We want to be supported with a new toilet — not just for us, but the entire community.”
— — — — — — —

The Problem

Nicaragua is the fourth most at-risk nation from climate change and the second poorest in the Western Hemisphere. In October 2022, Hurricane Julia caused widespread damage across the country.

Communities reported that damage caused to their toilets by multiple hurricanes has polluted drinking water sources, putting their health at risk. Towards the end of last year, an 8-year-old child and a 64-year-old woman both passed away from cholera in El Bramadero and El Jocote, two of the communities we support.

CEPAD Director Emily Reyes told us,
“Damaged toilets urgently need replacing with ones that are climate-resilient. Training needs to be provided on managing them and maintaining healthy water sources. The new toilets that will be provided to families are flood-resistant and designed to withstand environmental destruction, ensuring longevity and safe access to sanitation during times of emergency and drought.”

The Solution

Having identified the 50 beneficiaries of the new climate-resilient toilets, CEPAD will work with each community in Teustepe, providing materials and training on location and maintenance, health promotion and the management of drinking water sources. Meanwhile, community members will provide the people with the power to help build the toilets and maintain them. But we cannot do this without you.

The campaign strives to reduce parasite rates by 25%, directly impacting the health of approximately 1,500 inhabitants in 7 communities. 

What your money could do:

  • £320 will provide materials and building costs for 1 toilet 

  • £130 will provide technical assistance on water and sanitation management for a community receiving toilets

  • £50 will help enable follow-up visits to a community to check toilet management and monitor any difficulties

A group of young boys smiling for the camera in rural Nicaragua.

Climate-resilientParents are concerned about the contamination of water sources and the deteriorating health of their children in storm-affected areas.
— — — — — — —

£20,000 would allow CEPAD to provide 50 new climate-resilient toilets, ensuring that families and communities have toilets for tomorrow and better health. 

Thank you for your support.

Photography: Mark Kensett and Clive Horsman

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