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Umthombo Street Children is a pioneering, South African organisation – based in Durban – which provides a unique fusion of high-intensity sports, art, drama and music activities alongside psychosocial support, to empower children with alternatives to street life.

Their advocacy work, which led to the Street Child World Cup and Surfers Not Street Children, has transformed the lives and treatment of Durban’s street children.

They operate Safespace – a dedicated centre for street children – where they can find the safety, food, help and hope they desperately need. Through the activities provided at the centre, the staff – many former street children themselves – befriend and engage with the children, address traumas, begin to rebuild their self worth and work towards helping them leave street life.

Dedicated outreach, reintegration and aftercare teams work with children and their families, to reintegrate the children at home. They know that supporting children in their homes has the best long-term outcome and, in addition to regular home visits, are able to link the families up with other agencies to access the specific support they need.

Umthombo also endeavours to change the way society perceives street children – running campaigns, educating communities about the realities these children face, developing and implementing strategies to address the issues – and continues to have a significant impact on local government policy and decision making in these areas.

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