Palestine: one pedal stroke at a time

“When you combine a love of cycling with a sense of adventure and an appetite for human rights, you’ve got a recipe for an unforgettably unique experience that truly gets under your skin, and may just change you a little forever.” Jacqueline Waggett shares her experience of cycling through the West Bank.

Palestine: one pedal stroke at a time

Stay or go? Avoiding the pitfalls of poverty tourism

‟As Westerners we travel with huge privilege, relative wealth, social and religious freedom and we carry the baggage of empire, colonialism and militaristic imperialism. Simply visiting does not give us the right to assume an air of victimhood, to feel we are free from collusion with power because we spent a week hearing stories or to point angry fingers at oppressors while we benefit from unjust systems and structures. Read about Amos trustee Jess Foster’s recent women-only trip to Palestine.

Stay or go? Avoiding the pitfalls of poverty tourism

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